Cold War Culture


Cold War Economics

What: Television advertising expenditures went from 170 million two 2 billion in 10 years.

Time Period:1950's-1960's

Location: United States

Cause: Businesses saw the television as a spot to start up the newest thing in advertising... Commercials!

Reason: Almost 90% of the population had televisions so advertisers saw it as a way to target a bunch of Americans and it was very successful.

Result: As a result TV stations made a lot of money off of new advertisements and the amount of money the new advertisers were paying to get their product in the spotlight.

Significance: This changed advertising drastically for the better because now commercials are the number 1 way of advertising.

To Whom: it affected all of Americans who had televisions.

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Cold War Economic Boom

What: U.S economic boom in the the cold war

Time Period:1950's-1960's

Location: United States

Cause: Men had money from the war and so did women and they wanted to spend it on things because they could like movies, televisions, cars and other appliances.

Reason: now both men and women had money and they were looking to spend it and it kept the economy booing.

Result: Many businesses grew and expanded and shaped the U.S economy the way it is today.

Significance: This helped bring America out of the depression and burst us into talk of being the worlds economic heartbeat, saying if we were economically strong so were are allies and trade partners.

To Whom: All U.S people in that time period and us as citizens today who knows we may have never came out of the depression if we didn't go into a postwar boom and America wouldn't ever be the same

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