Mary Edwards Walker

By: Iyanah Stewart


Mary Edwards Walker was born November 26, 1832 in Oswego, New York. She gained an early education and began to pursue a career in a male dominate field at a medical college. Afterwards she moved to Ohio to start private practice. Mary later died at 86 on February 21, 1919.

Challenges and Obstacles

Since Mary Edwards decided to pursue a male dominant career she went through multiple obstacles. However she didn't let it stop her from becoming a Surgeon as well as the first female to receive the Medal of Honor.

Accomplishments and Contributions

Besides being the only woman to receive a Medal of Honor and becoming a Surgeon, Mary was Woman's Rights Activist, a Nurse, and a Doctor. She made many contributions by helping multiple wounded veterans and helped shaped modern surgery.

Interesting Facts

  • Mary is the only woman to receive the medal of honor
  • During the Civil War, Mary Walker was the only woman out of 1.8 million to earn the Medal of Honor
  • Mary married a physician named Albert Miller but kept her maiden name
  • She graduated with a Doctor of Medicine Degree in 1855
  • During the Civil War in 1863, Mary was appointed assistant surgeon in the Army of the Cumberland by General George H. (he was one of the principle commanders in the Civil War's Western Theater)


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