Japan's celebrations

one celebration is calld the Gion festival, In mid July the city of Kyoto is full of years of history. here is a other celebration calld Setsubun is is known as the bean throwing festival at began thousands of years ago and they throw beans to scare of evil sprits. now they hold ceremonies at a religious temples or shrines.

food (YUM)

the main foods are raw fish with rice and sea weed. also they grow wasabi and wich is really spicy! and many more.

Famous person

one famous person is Hirohito (1901-1989) was the Emperor of japan from 1926.he was know as the Showa Emperor he also fought in world war II (1939-1945) and died on January 7 1989.-Taro aso was a prime minister of japan from September 2008 to September 2009. Taro's grand father "Shigeru yoshida" served as japans prime minister in the 1950s. Aso was born in September 20 1940 in Iizuka in south western japan. in 1963, he graduated from gakushun university in Tyoko.

The Flag

Japanese rulers and soldiers used the sun symbol on flags and badges by the 1300's. in 1854, Japan's rulers introduced a white flag the bearing a solid red circle.

Land marks

Mount Fuji is the highest and most famous mountain in Japan. Its on the island of Honshu, the largest of Japans four main islands, Mount Fuji lies about 60 miles (97 kilometers) south west of Tokyo.

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Interesting info

Kyoto was the capital of japan from 1868. The word Kyoto is Japanese for capital city. It has many beautiful sights and the most beautiful sight is the Golden pavilion it was built in 1397 as part as a palace and re built in 1950s. The Aktia is a breed of dog. it was first bred in northern japan. they are alert, and are responsive guard dogs. they are aggressive. Akita are large and powerful with heavy bones. Males stand from 26 to 28 inches.

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Art, music and dance

the first Japanese art was made 5,000 ago. pottery has been found in the jamon style (jamon means "cord pattern") it was made using sticks wrapped with rope and rolled over with clay before harden.