100m Butterfly Analysis

Olympic Records for Men and Women Compared and Interpreted


Created By: Victoria Hwang

The Butterfly's History

Sydney Cavill created this stroke as a variation of the breaststroke in the early 1900's. Bringing both arms above the surface at the same time was shown to have less drag from the water, called the butterfly. The motion of kicking both legs and the same time in a dolphin manner was called the dolphin kick. When using both the butterfly and the dolphin kick, swimmers violated the breaststroke rules. Leading the FINA, Imternational Swimming Federation, to create a new set of rules for the new stroke, the butterfly. Over the years, this stroke has proven itself to be faster but more difficult than the breaststroke.

Future Predictions

By comparing the data of the past 10 Olympic records set by the Olympians, Michael Phelps, Dana Vollmer, Libby Trickett, and Petria Thomas, people may see the future trends that are predicted and the pattern of increasement or decreasement.

Goal's of a Butterfly

A line of best fit for both the men and women's' records are needed to see the future trends of this event.

The Scattered Butterfly

This is a scatter plot of the men and women of this event all shown on one graph. The navy squares are the men and the light purple X's are the women. The year of the competition is represented by the X-axis and the time is represented by the Y-axis.

The Linear Regression of the Butterfly (Lines of Best Fit)

The lines represent the general direction of the data given from the previous gold medalists of this event. The navy line represents the men and the red line represents the women.

Crossing Butterfly

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This graph shows where the two lines of best fit intersect or overlap in time and year. According to the X coordinate of the intersection, the year of when the female will be faster than the men will be around the year 2455. Because there would not be an Olympic game in the year 2455 the next summer olympics would be in 2456. The length of the 100m swim would be around 4 seconds. But it is not physically possible for any human being to swim 100m in any form in 4 seconds, meaning that the women will never be faster than the men.

When the Butterfly Wins