Cinderella and Yeh-shen

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Yeh-Shen summary

Yes-Shen wanted to go to the fair but her step mom gave her chores so she went to see the fish and told the fish and the fish granted Yes-Shen wish then she turn into her gown and went to the festivil
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cinderella summary

Cinderella wanted to go to the ball but the step mother gave Cinderella all the chores so Cinderella was crying until her God mother help her and told her the spell last until 12:00 and that when the spell is over then she went to the ball and dance with the prince

Charter traits

Yeh-Shen is a kind and caring girl Cinderella is a trustworthy kind girl

reader's review

I think Cinderella is a great story because it show kindness in Cinderella Yeh-Shen is a great story because it shows loyal