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Second Grade Newsletter

Upcoming Dates:

September 30: Donuts for Dads, PBIS Dance Party for students that pay $15 Bee Bucks

October 1: Home Depot Kid's a free fire truck!!! This is a great hands on experience for your child. Kids follow directions and use real tools to build a toy to keep. I hope you will try to stop by. You might even see me with my own children!!!

October 3, 4, 6, 10: Conferences!!! I can't wait to brag on your wonderful children!!!

October 5: Walk to school day!

October 7: Meteorologist visit!

October 12: 1:40-2:15 Reading Parent Workshop - Meet in our classroom for tips to help your reader!!!

October 13: Come have lunch with your child! Our lunch time is 10:58

October 20: Early Release Day

October 26: 1:40-2:15 Math Parent Workshop - Meet in our classroom for tips to help your mathematician!!!

Nickerson Notes:

We have been having soooo much fun in second grade!

Monday was Johnny Appleseed's birthday and we had a blast. We sang a song last week called "Sipping Cider" to go along with our short and long I vowel words, but discovered many kids did not know what cider was. So, on Monday I brought some in and we sang the song again while we sipped our cider. Most of them loved it. They may come home asking for cider now!

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Apple Math

We also cut into some apples to count the seeds. We found patterns and learned the meaning behind skip counting. (Skip counting is just adding the same number again and again!) We are beginning chapter 2 in math and will look for number patterns, equal groups, skip counting, and repeated addition. Look for examples around the house. For example, a carton of eggs has 2+2+2+2+2+2=12 eggs! How many fingers are in your home? What number would you skip count by?
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Do you see the socks on their hands? We skip counted by 2's! Then we hung the socks up on a clothes line. Isabella noticed that it looked like a number line but counting by 2's. We had to hang her quote on the line!!! Your kids are brilliant!
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Weather Vanes

These weather vanes are coming home today! There is a chart that your child can fill out as they watch the wind over the next 3 days. Notice how strong the wind is and which direction it is blowing. We will share the results on Friday!
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Speech Bubbles and Quotation Marks!

Did you know there were so many ways for authors to make speech bubbles?! We are on the hunt! Look for examples of characters speaking in books. Today we learned about quotation marks as well, You may see a lot more "Air quotes" from your children now that they know that those symbols mean speaking! Try to point out examples of dialogue in your reading this week. We are also adding this new knowledge into our writing! The books are more interesting with dialogue!!!

Margaret Nickerson