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Please Note:

Parents the Spelling section below has been changed from what was sent last week. Included now are some high frequency words that you child should practice reading as well as spelling with you at home. These words show up often in reading and by being able to recognize them your child will be able to read more fluently/smoothly. Included also for practice in reading and spelling are Word Families. If your child can learn the pattern of the family, he/she will be able to spell other words in the family more easily by applying the learned pattern.

The High Frequency Words and Word Family words are not part of the homework that they do and turn in at school.

Box Tops for Education!!

Please help us collect Box Tops to earn money for the school! Clip the Box Tops and send them to school with your child! It's so easy and does so much good!!

Thank you so much for your help; we truly appreciate it!

Homework Reminders

Each week (unless other wised noted) students will bring homework home on Mondays; Spelling or Math.

The Spelling words will be in their Planner (also below); look for the appropriate week.

Math will be a page or packet in their binder.

The homework is due back on Fridays (or the last day of the week).

If homework is not turned in, students will work on their homework when others are playing at recess.

Spelling words: Sept. 28th ~ Oct. 23rd

High Frequency Words:

people can help learn want town tell need find does school fish know our for to will

Word Family Patterns:

__at: bat cat fat mat pat sat rat splat

__ap: cap gap lap map nap

__an: tap can fan man pan ran tan van

Spelling Words for Homework:

bill - mouth of a bird. (can also be amount owed)

feather - principal or main covering of birds

shell - hard outer covering of an animal or egg

wing - front limbs of birds and bats that are specialized for flight

fins - winglike or paddlelike organ attached to the body of fish and other aquatic

animals, used for propulsion, steering, or balancing

spine - backbone

leaves - one of the expanded, usually green organs borne by the stem of a plant

neck - part of the body of an animal or human being that connects the head and the


stem - the stalk that supports a leaf, flower, or fruit.

roots - any underground part of a plant

fun - something that provides amusement:

flippers - a broad, flat limb, as of a seal or whale, especially adapted for swimming

question - a sentence addressed to someone in order to get information in reply

water - transparent, odorless, tasteless liquid; as rain

long - having considerable duration in time; extending or lasting

together - into or in one gathering

away - far; apart; to put aside; to another place

around - on all sides

next - immediately following in time, order, importance

Extra words: (not part of spelling homework)

numeral - expressing a number

compare - to examine two or more things in order to note similarities and differences

greater - larger in number

altogether - with all or everything included

multiply - increase the number; to find the product of two numbers

carry - to take from one place to another; convey; transport

decimal point - a dot written in a number to indicate a fraction or part of the whole

amount - the total of two or more quantities or sums


Please review the High Frequency Words, Word Families, and their spelling words with the meanings nightly. Repetition helps child remember better.

Upcoming Dates

*Monday, Sept. 28:

Spelling homework; (new words: see above)

*Thursday, Oct. 1:

Chocolate Fundraiser kickoff!

Chuck E. Cheese Fundraiser! Kids get 10 free tokens just for attending. School receives 15% of the proceeds for purchases between 3pm-9pm. Be sure to tell them you are supporting Birdville Elementary!!

*Saturday, Oct. 17th:

Fall Carnival from 11 - 2 ... AABLE classes are making a Dallas Cowboys basket for the auction. Any Cowboys items that you could add to the basket would be greatly appreciated! Donations for the basket are due in no later than October 14th. More information on the carnival coming soon!

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