Canandaigua City School District

Dear Canandaigua Family,

This week marks the halfway point of the school year. It sounds very cliché, I know, but where is the time going? I remember the feeling that vacations lasted forever, school years sometimes dragged, and weekends were for relaxing. That sure isn’t the case. I am certain that each of you, and your families are busy and wondering, too, where the time has gone.


At the beginning of the month our District honored long-time employee Chet Siebert. Mr. Siebert has been employed by the District in our transportation department for a total of 48 years. 48 years!!??? What an incredible career and dedication to our District. Chet has served both as a bus driver and a bus monitor, being the first school employee to greet students each day and the last to say good-bye each afternoon. I cannot imagine how many lives he has touched with his quiet humor and quick wit. Many afternoons between runs he would stop in to District Office, walk through and just smile and say hello. We wish Chet well in his retirement, which commenced just a few days ago.

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Speaking of retirements others are beginning to trickle in. We won’t know the full list of teacher retirements until sometime next month but we do know that we will be losing two of our most valued administrators. Scott Goble our Director of Transportation will be retiring at the end of July and Julie Winston, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, will be retiring at the end of June. When I think about each of these positions and the responsibility each holds, I realize that it is imperative that we get the right person to fill these roles. Scott is responsible for ensuring the safety of each child in our district –

those we transport directly but also those who are on the roads with parents or in their own vehicles feeling safe beside our busses. Routes, policy and procedures, training, safety and well-being all fall under Scott’s responsibility. Julie is the one person in the District who has the most direct impact on overall student instruction and learning. Her responsibility includes all curriculum development, professional development, data driven instruction, and keeping up with all the changes that the State Education Department throws our way. It’s a huge responsibility.

We will have an inclusive search process for both positions that will begin next month.

Safe Schools

Our district subscribes to the Safe Schools hot-line as a service to our community and staff. Safe Schools is an anonymous phone number or on-line address that can be used to report safety and security concerns that occur in our district or at our events. A District employee then receives the anonymous tip or complaint and we launch an investigation. Our response is then sent to Safe Schools and they close the loop and get the information back to the original person who reported. With Safe Schools we cannot take complaints that occur in neighborhoods, or among family members, but we do take all school-related complaints very seriously and look into each one that is received. Please save the Safe Schools hot-line number in a safe place. That number is 1-800-418-6423 ext. 359. Or you may reach Safe Schools at Again this is a confidential service but it is very helpful if you identify yourself so we can check with you on any questions we might have as we investigate.

Cell Phones

We are growing our collection of cell phones that are left on busses. Because they are locked we can’t try to find their owners. If your child has misplaced a cell phone and rides one of our busses please call the transportation office from 9:30 – 1:30 (off bus route hours) to try to identify the missing phone. The transportation number is 396-3740.

In Closing

Everyone wonders when we will have a snow day. We have been blessed with, in my ” non-skiing, hate the cold” attitude, a wonderful winter. But stay tuned….. if I were a betting woman I would wager that you will hear my voice some early morning before spring.