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Great to see so many people at the Christmas Skating Party on Friday!! It was a really fun event, and we collected lots of food for the Fr. McKenna Center. Link to photos below. Thank you to all those who were able to make it!

There is one last Home Game this Friday, Dec. 19th, before the holiday break. It is against Broadneck Middle School. This was a tough game last time, so we need everyone to try and make this game. Please remember that Coach Meaux has requested that everyone check in with the status of their player so he can plan accordingly. You can use the link below to rsvp attendance. Please let me know if you can volunteer to run the clock, do the scoresheet, or work the penalty box. Thanks!


Team Manager


Home Game

Friday, Dec. 19th, 6:15pm

3779 Ely Place Southeast

Washington, DC

Please plan to have your player at the rink by 5:15 to be ready to go in full gear in the locker room by 6:00.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

January 9th Baltimore Game Update

First game after the holiday break......Thank you for your cooperation in getting this game organized. The following is the plan to date.

Hereafter, any parents wishing to join us who are not on this list must purchase their ticket directly with Amtrak, and just enter the same car the team enters for both boardings. If additional parents wish to join us for the trip, I would be grateful for the courtesy of notification. The Northbound train is AMTRAK Train 94 departing Union Station Washington at 2:02pm. THE TEAM IS REQUIRED TO CHECK IN AS A GROUP at 1pm AT UNION STATION. The Southbound train is AMTRAK 193 departing Penn Station BALTIMORE at 8:21pm.


1) William Abney # 88

2) Aidan Anderson # 66

3) Keegan Curran # 19

4) Grant Dougherty # 2

5) Andre Dragacevac # 60

6) Madeline Fontana # 11

7) Ricardo Kornegay # 17

8) Kevin Leonard # 7

9) Charlie Moellering # 42

10) Andres Permuy # 8

11) Benton O'Neal # 3

12) David Robbins # 55

13) George Shaw # 4

14) Joel Simpson # 11

15) Ben Stone # 29

16) Mekhi Turner # 22

17) Charlie Volkman # 10

18) Zachary Ware # 15

Travel Plan
By Car

David Robbins
Ricardo Kornegay

Train/Taxi/Chaperone Plan
Taxi 1
1) Stacy Fierce (adult Chaperone)
2) Bryce Fierce Dougherty (child)
3) Loudon Fierce Dougherty (child)
4) Grant Dougherty (Player)

Taxi 2
5) Willy Meaux (adult Chaperone)
6) Mekhi Turner (Player)
7) Kevin Leonard (Player)
8) Zachary Ware (Player)

Taxi 3
9) Lorena Permuy (adult Chaperone)
10) Charlie Volkman (Player)
11) Charlie Moellering (Player)
12) Andre Dragacevac (Player)

Taxi 4
13) Rich Fontana (adult Chaperone)
14) Madeline Fontana (Player)
15) George Shaw (Player)
16) Zachary Ware (Player)

Taxi 5
17) Pablo Pedro Permuy (adult Chaperone)
18) William Abney (Player)
19) Keegan Curran (Player)
20) John Fortney (Player)

Taxi 6
21) Bil Anderson (adult Chaperone)
22) Aidan Anderson (Player)
23) Joel Simpson (Player)
24) Benton O'Neal (Player)


Remember the request for birth certificates made some time ago? We have received only half of them. Coach Meaux is being pressured to provide these to verify the roster. If you have not done so already, please scan and email to me or Coach Meaux. Thanks You!!
Power Skating Session Registration

Registration required for each session.

Record W-L-T (3-2-0)

Game | Score

Titans vs. Maple Leafs | 10-1

Cannons vs. Titans | 12-2

Broadneck Middle School vs. Titans | 9-1

Titans vs. Cannons | 10-5

Tucker Rd. Middel School vs. Titans | 5-14

Season Schedule

Full Schedule (to date); subject to change