Tuesday, March 11th

To Do Today!!!

INFORM: Abnormal Psychology Cartoon DUE Today!

In this assignment, you are going to examine how mental illness is depicted in popular culture. you will 1) Cut and paste a copy of at least one cartoon that depicts a mental illness in a positive and/or humorous light. Google Images might be a great place to start. Cartoons from any of the mental illnesses you have read about are welcome. Don't forget to 2) Include the website link where you found it, 3) Describe the nature, significance, and mental disorder associated with your cartoon. Specify symptoms and details to help illustrate your mastery of concept. and 4) Briefly discuss the ways in which it accurately or inaccurately depicts the disorder.

Have fun - be creative - and try to find cartoons that are a touch unusual!


INSTRUCT/REVIEW: Psychological Disorders

There are many theories and schools of thought about the origins of psychological disorders. After reviewing the notes and completing the activities in your course, you may still want some additional information. Review the videos at the Education-Portal link below - and complete the quiz after each video segment for additional practice.

INFORM: To Do This Week!

There are a number of assignments for Module 12 that are due this week! Please review the due dates below - and be mindful of your time! Make sure you build enough time into your schedule to complete the assigned tasks!
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CELEBRATE: Johnny Appleseed Day!

How many of you heard the Johnny Appleseed story when you were young? This photo is of a memorial to Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman, 1774-1845). The memorial is made from rocks donated from people all along the route that Johnny passed over. It reads: "Without a hope of recompense, without a thought of pride. John Chapman planted apple trees and preached, and lived and died.


Textbook Companion Site

The textbook companion website can be accessed from the AP Psychology class in Moodle. The website has practice tests, flashcards, chapter summaries and activities to help students understand the material.