Sexual Health

Kandice Hind

What is Sexual Health?

There are lots of components to health both physical and emotional and mental.There are lots of ways that we look after our health every day.Healthy Respect supports the World Health Organisation’s idea of sexual health. They say it’s not just about staying clear of infections or unwanted pregnancy , but also about the right to safe, happy sexual experiences, free from pressure and harm.This is the case whether you are male, female or trans, lesbian, gay, bisexual or straight.sexual health can cause lots of factors which may be social and emotional where individuals can cause emotional stress from a sexual partner

Unsafe Sex

National Chlamydia Screening

If you are aged 16 to 25 and are sexually active you are entitled to free chlamydia testing.You can go to your nearest sexual health clinic where they provide the test there this takes around 2 weeks to get the result back.If the result comes back that you are positive for Chlamydia you can take Azithromycin this is the single dose or Doxycycline this is the longer course.You would need to tell any recent sexual partners as they may have caught the STI and need to be treated as-well as if untreated can be passed on to other sexual partners and care infertility in the future.It is advised that if you are sexually active that you get tested annually or when you change sexual partners.In some cases you can have no symptoms whatsoever but in men may notice the following a white or cloudy discharge from the penis,burning and itching in the genital area,pain when passing urine and painful swelling of the testicles.Women may notice unusual vagina discharge,bleeding between periods,bleeding after sex,pain or bleeding during sex and pain when passing urine


becoming pregnant can be a happy or unhappy time for some There are three options you have if you are unsure with what decision to make you can either carry on with the pregnancy and keep the baby,continue with the pregnancy but have the baby adopted or have a termination.There are many contraception for women to use to help reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy.The contraception that women can consider are the combined pill,implant,contraceptive injection,contraceptive patch,vaginal ring and the IUD Coil and many more there are side effects and symptoms for each contraception.Early signs of pregnancy is if you have a regular monthly menstrual cycle if you miss your monthly period then it will be worth to do a pregnancy test.