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Memory is the sum total of what we remember, and gives us the capability to learn and adapt from previous experiences as well as to build relationships. It is the ability to remember past experiences, and the power or process of recalling to mind previously learned facts, experiences, impressions, skills and habits. It is the store of things learned and retained from our activity or experience, as evidenced by modification of structure or behaviour, or by recall and recognition.
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The Decay theory suggest that we forget something because the memory of it fades with time.(Morris & Maisto 2016) This theory would suggest that if we do not attempt to recall an event, the greater the time since the event the more likely we would be to forget the event. Thus, this theory suggests that memories are not permanent.

Enhancing Memory

To improve your memory and keep it sharp try doing the following:

  1. Develop motivation.
  2. Practice memory skills.
  3. Be confident in your ability to remember.
  4. Minimize distractions.
  5. Stay focused.
  6. Make connections between new material and other information already stored in you long-term-memory.
  7. Use mental imagery.
  8. Use retrieval cues.
  9. Rely on more than memory alone.
  10. Be aware that your own personal schemata may distort your recall of events.
Brain Games : Tricks on how to remember/memorize easily.

My memory practices.

I actually prefer to try to make up stories to go along with things that I would like to remember. One night, my wife and I, sat down and tried to remember the serial number on a dollar bill. I could not believe how easy it was to remember the number when you put if along with some sort of story. I cant say that I still remember the number, but It was pretty interesting.


Morris, C. G., & Maisto, A. A. (2016). Understanding psychology (11th). Pearson Edu.
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