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This is the Golden Horn Elementary School Library/Learning Commons Page. Here you will find Story Time with Mrs. Larkin-Boyle, information about Passion Projects and lots of great book ideas. Check here for weekly updates.
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Have a wonderful Summer!

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Please return your library books

Library books can be dropped off this week in a plastic bag at the front door of the school. Thank you!

Story Time-New story everyweek

Click here to listen to this week's story with Mrs. Larkin-Boyle.

Check out the activity ideas too.

Student's Pick

What are you reading to pass the time? Share your book suggestions by sending a picture of what you are reading to

Passion Projects in three simple steps

This is a great time to explore something you are passionate about and to share it with others.

Passion Project

Can you guess what this Passion Project is about? Click here to see what Mrs.Larkin-Boyle has been exploring.

Don't Know what to read? Check out these student favourites.

Click on the book to take you to the source. Email Mrs.Larkin-Boyle if you need access Epic book.
Bored and Want to Borrow a Book?

Check out these links to online libraries

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