Bible for Children

Bible for Children

Bible Stories For Kid Dissected, The Crossing Of The Red Sea

When Moses and the Israelites finally left Egypt thousands of years ago on their notorious trek to their homeland they ran into many difficulties. The enormous Red Sea was on of these and became most well-known for this story, the parting of the red sea.

When Moses and the Israelites got to the Red Sea, their problem got compounded by the Egyptian army. The Egyptian leader, Pharaoh, had utilized the Israelites as servant labor to develop his excellent pyramids and monoliths. The Pharaoh had enough after his child was killed and concurred to let the Israelites go back to Israel.

So, when the Israelites arrived at the Red Sea, they saw the showing up Egyptians and ran scared. Moses prayed to God for deliverance and God opened up the Red Sea, parting it so the Israelites could cross. There are two schools of thought on this. One is that it did take place exactly as stated in the story. The other that it occurred in North Egypt in the marshlands of the Northern end or mouth of the Nile river. This are of the Nile would have been very difficult for chariots to get with as they would have gotten bogged down and stuck in the mud and dense weeds. This would have been a great place for an ambush by the Israelites and there would have been mass casualties by the unprepared Egyptians. This could perhaps be the first instance of what we today refer to as Gorilla warfare. Whichever school you select to believe it is truth that the Israelites did embark on this expedition as artifacts and other historical proof has been found that unequivocally prove this.

Back to the Children Bible Stories of the parting of the Red Sea, the Israelites were scared and prayed to God for deliverance. The sea then parted and the Israelites did cross the sea. After the Israelites did show up and cross the sea on dry land, the Egyptians began to cross.

There are many ideas and schools of thought with different viewpoints on exactly what actually occurred here, but archaeological proof does exist that the trek and crossing from Egypt to Israel did occur and that numerous hardships did occur. Religion and God played a large role in this trip and in these times thousands of years ago. In current research, the use of bible coding software also states that this trek occurred. It also states that Moses, the Ten Commandments, and how the bible was encoded or disclosed to Moses might quickly have excellent impact on everyone as the possibility of more expansion of the war in the Middle East continues. God did have a marked impact on the Israelites on their notorious trek thousands of years ago, and the reason for the implicit warnings in Revelations and the recent unveiling of the bible codes is that we can alter. We can, as a whole, modification or change our future. If you desire to check out more details, please go there now to learn much more!