*Finland's Greatest* Editor - Christian Nguyen

Traveling in Finland

Finland is a cold country so if your always in the heat, this place might not be the best one for you. The shortest day in Finland was 6 hours long!

Government and Foreign Policy

Finland is a republic with a representative democracy. Finland is a limited government, so don't be so worried about being controlled. Representative Democracy is one of many democracies, that have elected officials representing a group of people. The parliament is the law making branch in Finland and takes good time to decide how the country works. The U.S. has a congress law making branch, which also takes time in making the laws, going through 3 branches of the congress. Sauli Niinisto is the current leader in Finland.


Right now in Finland, our currency is called euro. 1 dollar in the U.S. is 1.11 euros in Finland. Finland is a heavy export and importer, normally on the borders of Norway, Sweden and the Estonian Sea. A lot of this makes them the 43rd largest exporter, and 42nd largest importer. Finland's GDP per capita is 49.146.65 USD.
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Social and Ethnics

In Finland, Ethnic Groups are Finland, Swedes, and Russians. People in Finland must have equal access in the school field, even if they speak a different language, are a different race, or different age. There have been wars due to difference in ethnicity.


Most people in Finland belong to the church. There are 2 churches that are major in Finland. The Lutheran Church of Finland, and the Orthodox Church. Those who are participants in one of these churches, pay taxes to them. Most languages Finland speaks, are Finnish, and Sweden.
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The white background stands for the white snow that covers the lands in winter, and the blue represents the lakes and the skies. On the white background is a Nordic cross, which stands for Christianity.


The Finnish Christmas, or Joulu, is quite similar to our Christmas. We have Christmas trees, we have advent calendars. We celebrate this holiday on December 23rd and eat traditional meals on Christmas day.