BY: Ryan Pennington


Chiel is one of the most beautiful places on earth,maybe thats why they have such a high population. The capital of chile (Santiago) has more than 7 million people living there. The largest city is valparuso with 883,000 people living in it. Thats a lot of people.The total amount of people living in chile is 17,363,894. Also, chile takes up 0.25% of the worlds population. That means that 1 in 404 people live in chile


Did you know that Chile suffers from many earth quakes? I bet you didn't. Chile also has over 50 active volcanos.That is a lot of volcanos. Also the famous Easter islands belong to Chile. Chile also has the highest situated lake. Can you imagine that all of those things are in chile

How chile got their independence

Do you know the story about how Chile got their independence? Well if you don't, you're about to find out.First in 1973 a bloody battle overthrew salvador allende's elected marxist government and the country suffered for 16 years.The only reason they wanted to get independence is because they wanted their own land and government. Then after they won, they celebrated independence day on february 12 1818, the funny thing is that while they celebrated the south part of chile was still being ruled by spain.

similarities and differences between Chile and Guatemala

Did you know that Chile and Guatemala are very similar? To start off they both have active volcanos. Chile has over 50 active volcanos. Guatemala has mud volcanos. I wonder what those look like? Both countries language is spanish. They are very similar.

Just because because they are similar doesn't mean they are different. Like Chile has a bigger population, Chile has 17.62 million and Guatemala has 15.47. Chile has a chilean flag hanging from every building. Chile has penguins, sea lions, and flamingos, when in Guatemala has monkeys jaguars and ocelots. They have many differences too.

Smog in Chile

Do you know what smog is? It is a heavy smoke that can make you sick. It has been sending 3500 people to the hospital every day. But we have a solution. We know that the smog has came from factories and cars. So we can walk more and have less factories. We need less factories. The less factories the less smog. And since smog comes from cars to, we should be more active