Weekly Campus and Principal Update

Front Office SOS

Please make sure your phone is not on "do not disturb" during the school day and is on a volume setting that you are able to hear while teaching. We do not have office aides, and we must be able to reach you by phone. We are not staffed to have our front office personnel leave their stations to personally collect a student. If you make a change in your location for the day, contact the front office and let Ms. Mennon know so that we may find you easily by phone.

Save the Date!

9/10 Tuesday: Staff Meeting 8:20 OR 4:25 in the Library *sign in required*

9/10 Tuesday: Graduation Mindset Learning Module 1 delivered during Homeroom.

More info will follow in a separate email. All students will need to view the

learning module.

9/12 Thursday: Leadership Team Meeting (Dept. Heads and Team Leaders)

9/13 Wednesday: PDAS TSR Part I is due

9/16 Monday: Open House 7:00 - 8:30 Professional Dress, Come and Go Format

Plano ISD Tax Ratification Election Informational Video

iPod Touch Cart ~ I'm charged and ready for checkout with 30 iPod touches for student use