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Handling Online Casino Disputes

Online casino australia bonus gaming may have been created primarily for entertainment, but this doesn't change the fact that these games revolve around money. Free plays are only considered as a preliminary step players take before they play for real money. This is the reason why complaints against a casino concerning a client's cash account are always processed with serious care. Complaints such as these are called casino disputes and can cause terrible publicity for the casino. Most of the common causes of casino disputes are withholding of payments, wagering requirements or bonus credit disagreements. If you have complaints or disputes against the casino you are playing for, there are series of actions you must do. You need to do these properly so that your case can undergo due process. These steps are listed below:
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  1. First of all, maintain a calm disposition. Nothing good will come out of being angry and impatient. After you've found out that there are discrepancies in your account you'd like to ask about, inform the casino immediately. You can choose the form where you want to send your complaints: either through e-mail, fax or post mail. If you want, you can also send the dispute claim through all these forms as long as the relevant contact data are available to you. Include all your questions and necessary information about your complaint. Specifically, you need to include the dispute itself, the date and time you found out about it, the game where the dispute happened and of course, your name and log-in name.
  2. After you send the dispute claim through your chosen mode, get in touch with customer support available for that particular casino. If the answer that the customer support representative is sufficient, then good for you. But if not, you can ask for the contact details of the casino head/manager and direct your dispute claim to him. Typically, the casino manager will ask for time to consider the claim and resolve it. Give him/her this time. Once the given time expires and the claim is still not resolved, then contact him/her again for follow-up. One important aspect of this step is that you should record ALL of the interactions you had with the customer support and the casino manager. Also, maintain politeness at all times. This is so the casino staff will not have any reason to turn you away or blacklist you.
  3. If even after all the follow-ups you did, the dispute claim is still not resolved, then it is time to appeal to an independent, third-party auditor. Non-profit organizations that resolve disputes between a client and casino can certainly help you. Look for the best one you can find (like eCOGRA) and seek their help in settling the dispute. For your part, you need to send all the records and communications that you've obtained when settling the dispute with the casino. This will serve as evidence that the organization will examine. For the casinos part, the organization will try to obtain the archived version of your movements in the casino. Normally, if the casino is legit enough, the dispute will be resolved here. But if in the rare case you are still not satisfied with the resolution of the dispute, you can take the case up to watchdog organizations. Once the case is there, the watchdog organization will take on a more forceful approach against the casino. They can even declare the casino as a rogue one once the evidences point out that the casino was at fault.
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Settling disputes is an extreme hassle, not to mention stressful for every party that will get involved. So as a player, it is your responsibility to read and understand firsthand all the requirements, conditions and terms the casino has laid out for their clients. Also, before signing up with a casino, it is your responsibility to double check its legitimacy and reputation. You have to remember that even though you are aiming to play games, you are still betting your own money. If all online casino game players will heed this advice, then disputes between casinos and clients will undoubtedly be minimized.