☢ Advice On Drugs, All About Heroin & Places For help ☢

✘ ☠My Advice On Drugs☠✘

My advice for you is to chose your own decisions. Don't let anyone influence you to do drugs. I guarantee you that, drugs will only do bad to you. Most drugs make you feel happy , helps you de-stress and cope with all the things you might be experiencing at home. Trust me, that feeling only last for a minimal period of time. After you can get very ill and possibly even die. Doing drugs is very addictive. Once you start or even try just the slightest bit, you will get addicted. It is VERY hard to stop doing drugs. Not many people can get cured out of drugs. Many people around you may influence you to start doing drugs, you have your own say in whether you want to or not. Remember, once you start it is very hard to stop.

✘☠What Is Heroin?☠✘

Heroin is a very illegal drug. Heroin is most commonly injected by needle. Though, more of a not so common way of taking heroin is smoking it and/or snorting heroin. Heroin is a depressant type of drug. Depressant drugs lower the level of arousal when taken. They also can damage your brain, give you anxiety, lower your self- esteem and make you more sad and depressed. Here are signs of depressant drugs in general. Heroin has far more effects then this. Why don't we list some?

✘☠Effects of Heroin☠✘

Heroin is taken for wanted side effects such as feelings of well-being, intense pleasure rush, Euphoria, pain reduction, warmth and lethargy. These are wanted side effects of Heroin. Heroin may benefit you in these ways, but for a very short minimal amount of time. Heroin has many more un-wanted long and short term side effects.

✘☠Long Term Heroin Effects☠✘

Long Term side effects of Heroin include collapsed veins, blisters, sores, mood swings, Tetanus (from sharing needles), Hepatitis B and C (from sharing needles), HIV (from sharing needles), Depression, Heart, chest and bronchial problems, Anxiety, Reduced appetite, Pneumonia, Irregular menstruation, Infertility in woman, Impotence in men, chronic constipation, Coma (from overdose), Respiratory failure (from overdose)and Death (from overdose).

✘☠Short Term Effects☠✘

Some short term effects include Nausea, Vomiting, Shallow and slowed breathing, Slowed pulse rate, Constipation, Itching, Dry mouth, Slurred and slow speech, Reduced coordination, Insomnia, and Reduced libido.

✘☠Code H; Street Names Of Heroin☠✘

Heroin is not the only name you will come across. People use street names most commonly for slang or so they won't get caught using the drug. Some street names of Heroin are H, Hammer, Skag, Gear, Smack, Horse, Elephant, Rock, Slow, Black tar, Poison, Homebake, China white, White, Chinese H, Harry Cone, Junk, White dynamite, Dragon and many more.

✘☠You Can't Stop. You Need HELP.☠✘

Heroin is highly addictive both psychologically and physically. Getting a high and liking of heroin is quite easy, which will then leave you to keep taking heroin to keep getting the high that you want. You cannot stop. You need help.

Although getting out of heroin and other drugs is very, very hard, there is still a chance for you to come back to normal.

A great place for advice and help is you parents. They know what's best for you, they can help you, they are supportive of you. Tell them all what's happening in life, say that you need help and don't know where to go. Super star Josh Ramsay from band Marianas Trench was indeed, on heroin. He is now clean and no longer doing drugs thanks to the love and support of his parents. "Hi i'm Josh, I was a heroin addict but now I play guitar and sing songs and swear a lot. Looking for a role model? have u met your parents?" " Eventually, they told me I either went to rehab, and at least tried to get clean, or I had to leave their house. And like, I was 17 and didn’t have a job, so I couldn’t get kicked out, so I went to rehab"

Josh took advice from his parents. Your parents are always there to help you in the best of worse situations.

Other places for help include Rehab. Rehab is short for Rehabilitation. Rehab puts you into therapy to help you come clean from an addiction. If you are trying to get out of drugs, Rehab can really help you claim your original self before you were doing drugs.

Trusted adults can lead you to the right direction. If you need help a trusted adult is a great place. They can give you advice. Some examples of trusted adults can be your schools guidance councillor, teachers and many more. Come clean to them. You can trust them. Tell them everything.

Trust me, you can come clean. Just with help, love and support you will make it there, one step at a time.