Tote Bags

Features To Consider If Shopping For Tote Bags

At certain times, an ordinary purse is just not large enough to carry all the items a woman needs to have with her. Tote bags provide a larger capacity and hold a lot more. There are a few factors to bear in mind when shopping for these bags.

The material the bag is made of can have a great impact on its usefulness. Some are made of cloth. Others are made of leather. Still others are constructed from wicker like materials. Canvas is also commonly used in their construction.

Canvas and cloth are more flexible and softer than other materials used in these bags. Canvas is especially beneficial in wet weather because of its ability to turn water and protect items inside. Cloth and canvas bags also come in a wider range of colors than other materials.

A leather tote is a good choice for occasions that are slightly more formal. It looks more professional than other material choices. Leather is ordinarily either black or brown. Black is a good color choice because it matches any color of clothing.

Wicker woven bags are often lighter and more airy. They are not as secure as other materials and do not provide much protection from water. However, they make an excellent summer accessory by virtue of the nature of the material.

One thing that is often the determining factor when shopping for totes is size. Some are only a little larger than a large purse. Others stretch from the shoulder to the waist or lower and have a huge capacity. How much one is willing to carry at one time should dictate the size one finds most desirable.

Color is another key point to consider. The bag should look as if it goes with whatever outfit is being worn while carrying it. With the number of different colors available, it should not be difficult to find one to match any item in one's closet.

How the bag is made is also important. They may have a number of pockets for smaller items at the ends or on the sides. Some do not feature any extra pockets at all. Straps may wrap around below the bag or be attached strictly at the top. How the straps are made can impact how much weight can carried in one without risk of damaging it.

A tote bag may be preferred over a regular purse or clutch at many different times. When these times come, one must choose a bag that matches her personal fashion sense. Selecting the material used in construction, color scheme, correct size, types and numbers of pockets, as well as arrangement of straps should all be considered when selecting a bag. After all, the bag should match several items in one's wardrobe. Making the correct choices lets one show off her personal style while having everything she might need in a useful bag at her fingertips. In some cases, these bags are just a better looking accessory to certain outfits than purses or clutches.