The Sirens

The Monster of the Sea

By: Anchitha Honnur

What Sirens Are

Sirens are half bird half female sea nymphs that try to lure in mariners to their deaths by singing and enchanting song that charm sailors into crashing their ships on an island's rocky edge.

Ice Age: Continental Drift - Sirens (59:10-62:30)

What Sirens Look Like

Sirens are half bird half female creatures. They are bird-like up until their thigh, but then take on women-like features from there on up. Sirens were created like this when Demeter cursed them; she cast this spell because the Sirens were companions with Persephone, and they failed to protect Persephone when she was taken to the Underworld with Hades.

Siren Stories

Odysseus and the Argonauts are the only people who have evaded the Sirens. The Argonauts had escaped safely because Orpheus had played a song so he could drown out the sound of the Siren's song. Odysseus had his crew stuff moss into their ears when they had reached the Sirens and then tied himself to ship's mast so he could hear the Siren's enchanting song and not be tempted to steer the ship to the rocky cliffs and his crew to their deaths.

We're sirens.

We lure you in by singing enchanting songs and then we kill you. But I swear we're nice creatures if you get to know us.

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