City Presents: Cell Amusement Park!

City Makers Present "Cell Amusement Park"! Just $5 Per Head!

Join Us As We Celebrate The Opening Of Cell Amusement Park! With The Best Rates Ever!

Ever Heard Of A Cell Amusement Park? No? Well, Here's Your Golden Opportunity!

Presented By The City Co-Operation, Cell Amusement Park Is Really One Of The Main Wonders Of Dubai. Instead Of The Normal Park Rides, And The Normal Cleaners, We Have Different Parts Of The "Plant Cell" Doing WONDERS!!

When? Every Tuesday At 5:00 P.M!!

In A Plant, The 'Cell Wall' is Usually The Outer Protection Which Lets Allows The Things In And Out Of The Cell.

But In Our Amusement Park, The 'Cell Wall' Will Be The Outer Gate Of Our Park. For Any Kind Of Extra Security Purposes, Cell Wall Helps!!

Some Of Our Top Entertainers!!

Nucleus Smassssssher!

Ooh, An Amusement park Without Roller Coasters?! NEVER!

We Have Our Nucleus Smasssssher, The Fastest, Latest And The Best!!

With Breathtaking Chills And Turns, Our Smasher Turns Out Be The Best In The Park!

Why The Best? Because, In A Plant Cell, The Nucleus Controls The Cells, And Moreover, Has The DNA. This Is Why Its A Very Important Part Of Our Park! :D

Our Little Workers!!

Come And Visit Our Fabulous Little Workers, Ribosomes Who Help Build Our Amusement Park By Making Proteins! Make Sure You Click some pictures, too.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where Would You Get Your Tickets?

We Have The Cell Membrane For That! As Soon As You Pass Through The Cell Wall, Cell Membrane Will Make Sure That You're Not A Monster In Disguise And Check Your Tickets Gladly!

From Where Do We Get Our 'Energy' ?

Well, We Thank The Mitochondria For That. He Keeps The Whole Amusement Park Running By Producing And Storing Energy! Infact, Mitochondria Is Our Powerhouse!

Wouldn't The Park Be Dirty With So Many People?

OH NO! Park Won't Be Dirty At All! Guess Why? Because We've Got The Champion Cleaner Crew, Vacuole! They Clean Up The Whole Park! Even In A Plant Cell, They Store All The Waste!

Our Main Buddy!

We Have Our Main Buddy, Anaga Maria, Who Made This Amusement park Come True!

Send Her Your Feedback And How You Enjoyed The Rides Out There!