Quit smoking now

smoking helps you relax. under dirt

Health Issues

  • death
  • bronchitis
  • heart disease(#1 killer of Americans)
  • lung cancer
  • increased risk of breast cancer

statistics of smoking

  • in 2007;the percentages of high school students that are smoking, 20%of high school students
  • 21.3% of adult African americans
  • 22.1%of adult american males

Guaranteed to be relaxing and fun. When your dead

ways to quit

  • start eating sunflower seeds; you have something to do with your hands and they are sitting in your mouth. you are also spitting them out.
  • use lollipops
  • use ecigarretes


it will do you all the best and you don't gain anything from it so stop while you can
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by Niko Christ