The Hunger Games

74th Annual

The Ones You'll Be Fighting For Your Life

Happy Hunger Games! That's Right They're Back! Make sure to tune in for the interviews for the Games! Also the scoring on each of the tributes! The Games have been very gruesome! So be prepared for this year it's going to be amazing!

The Hunger Games

Wednesday, Nov. 12th, 10am

We will find out soon enough

Hunger Games Events

Day 1

2:00-4:00/ Tributes Arrive

4:00-6:00 /Tributes Go Get Cleaned Up

6:00-7:00 /Tributes Meet With Their Personal Stylists

7:00-9:00 /Chariot Opening Ceremonies

Day 2-Day 7

9:00-2:00 /Tributes Go To Training

Day 8

5:00-7:00 /Tributes Get Scored

9:00-9:30 /Scores Revealed

Day 9

4:00-6:00/ Tributes Meet With Stylists To Get Ready For Interviews

6:00-8:00 /Tributes Get Interviewed

Day 10

10:00-Who Knows When / The Hunger Games Begin