We are in a unique situation….. It is sort of an odd thing in today’s world.

See, if you are reading this (and believe it or not I have gotten a little feedback from the last newsletter that you actually DO read this) that means you are a member of a labor union.

Think about that for a minute, you are a MEMBER of an organization that you pay dues for, get benefits from and can participate in. There are very few American workers who can say that anymore. Some in the past died for you to have it, but most gave it away a long time ago.

But here is the weird part, you didn’t really “JOIN” anything.

Unlike a lot of organizations that a person can be a part of (Clubs, political parties, interest groups, gangs) you didn’t seek out and JOIN the union. A VAST majority of us (by that I mean all) did not get to the gates of Toledo Correctional Institution BECAUSE you wanted to join a union.

You wanted a job…. You wanted a career…… That union stuff just kind of came with it. You signed the card and you took the payroll deduction, maybe you voted in the elections. But you didn’t JOIN the union if you will.

No dear “member”, that takes something else… That takes a kick in the pants… It takes getting pissed off… It takes EFFORT on your part.

When I reflect on my own way that I came to “Join” the union, it took some effort on my part. For me it was training, where I was seeing the contradictions between what I was teaching the people I worked with compared to the actions that followed. I saw that the people who were supposed to be leaders, the ones who were supposed to follow the rules, were making it up as they went along instead of following their own rules when it came to use of force investigations. I felt like a hypocrite, selling how things were supposed to be to the people I worked with, but then seeing that they were not being properly followed by the people who oversaw… The spark was lit.

It took a spark that turned into a fire. If you talk to any of the folks that are active in the union right now, who “JOINED” if you will, it took guts, it took effort and almost always it took a spark, it took a fire.

Each one of them have a story like this….

So my question is, what is yours?

If you are the one who feels miserable when you walk through the front door, if you are the one who feels that the people are being lied to or mistreated, if you are the one who thinks that we can do better, then I ask you to JOIN.

It is not about me… it is about you. You are “a member” of this organization, now JOIN it.

There are lots of things you can do right now. Come find me, lets talk.

Don’t wait until you “need” the union, the union already needs you.




Those that chose to partake in the re-canvass polling spoke pretty loud and clear. The following are some excerpts from the actual E-mails that I have gotten regarding it... names have been edited out as has personal info....

"I agree the institution has had some drastic changes. However none of these were a surprise. People had ample time to bid on what was available. I see no point in punishing those who followed the process and were awarded what they rightfully won."

"If I lose my good days and shift I have to GO TO COURT and PAY $100's to request Modification of Parenting Time..."

"When we did the last re-canvas everyone was told that the control booths were subject to close within a year or less so anyone that took those post knew this in advance and what practice was when they closed.Then it actually took couple years, some officers bid out and then went back into the post.As for the other post that were added top seniority from top to bottom had a chance.I do not believe that a re-canvas is needed"

"People with higher seniority already have the best choice of posts and days off as a relief officer (occasionally to the detriment of institution security). Bid sheets are frequently posted. If there are new posts that will be opening, let them be placed on future bid sheets. I can understand the frustration of booth operators that lost their post, however, new slots will eventually open. Change is frequent and constant. Officers with lower seniority have already been forced to blocks."

"We are overdue for a re-canvas. There has been a lot of changes in the past few years and there needs to be a realignment. As for someone needing to make babysitting arrangements or other lifestyle adjustments, the re-canvas is generally held in October/November but is not effective until one January. That is more than enough time to make schedule adjustments."

"I would enjoy the opportunity to participate in a re-canvas. As far as seniority goes, I am the forgotten middle child. Not given adult choices and conversation as the oldest gets (the highest senior people) or babied and worried about like the youngest (the least senior). How frustrating is it to have the one percenters always bid, then get, then opt out of jobs, just to control things, like a bunch of bullies? The answer my Representative is very troubling, as it only keeps the minority (the bully) happy. Now at the darkest hour a champion comes forth and as he is about to "right" things, but wait, a possible no vote is lurking to stalemate the hero and his good efforts! To hell with the bully and his poll. Let us move to a new day here at TOCI, where the middle child gets to sit at the adult table and is asked his opinion. Let us all pick jobs without the control of the bad guys."

"I'm vehemently against a recanvass. You'll be catering to "senior" officers who have either hidden in booths and/or on shifts that do minimal work 3rd/4th. We have good officers in a lot of needed places to get the job done.....You'll never get rid of the officers who steal oxygen daily, but I think you'll displace a lot of good officers, who do their jobs on a daily basis and have their areas running how they want them by recanvass ingredients."

" RE-CANVASING IS A SELFISH AND BULLSHIT ACT. The only people really are raising the complaint are people who didn't bid on a post when they could have or people whose post has been removed. These people have every right to bid on posts as they open or stay in relief and based on the posts that have been removed get good posts everyday.

There are institutions in this state that haven't done an re-canvas in 20 years...why? Because there is a bid process. Those institutions are not the same as they were 20 years ago. Please as the Union President PLEASE respect the union processes that are in place and allow the bid process to continue as is."

If you have not heard, there will be no re-canvass. It wasn't even close.... RDMFJ

Employees directed to work during a weather or other than weather emergency will receive an $8.00/hour stipend. The stipend provides an hourly bonus for all hours worked during a declared emergency. Also, the stipend will be figured into the hourly rate when computing the overtime rate for overtime hours worked during the 40-hour work week in which the emergency occurred.

1) Weather Emergency – Weather emergency under 13.15 must be called by the Director of the Department of Public Safety.

A declaration by the county sheriff that a level 3 emergency exists does NOT make it an emergency for the purpose of Article 13.15 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (Arbitration #606). Arbitration #1000 determined that the state uses a reliable method to determine when to impose and lift a weather emergency as declared by the Director of Public Safety under Article 13.15

2) Other than Weather Emergency may be called by the Agency Director.

Source OCSEA Fact Sheet 120


The language in the contract that provides for union representation at investigatory interviews that are believed to lead to discipline is based on what supreme court case?

A. Weingarten

B. Miranda

C. Garrity

Answer in next issue.


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