Human Rights


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Republicans Vs. Democrats

There is a major difference between the Democrats and Republicans racist views. More Republicans find it okay to be open about it rather than the Democrats who like to hide it.
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What is racism?

Racism is the belief that someone's characteristics and abilities are based upon their race.

Big Problem 2015

When a group was asked if racism was a big problem it changed depending on someone's ethnicity.
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African American students make up 40% of all school expulsions.
People with black sounding names have to send out 50% more job applications than someone with a white sounding name, just to get a call back.
43% of blacks own their own home vs 73% of white who own their own home.

Racism By Nations

Britain is one of the most racially tolerant countries.
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Least tolerant

The least racially tolerant nations countries are India and Jordan.
If a black person kills a white person they are 3x more likely to be sentenced to death in prison where as a white person is put on trial and charged depending on the case.
Black people spend 20% more time in jail rather than whites for a similar crime.
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By looking at this picture you can see the black overall population is lower than the incarcerated population. You can also see the black and white incarcerated are almost equal however white population is almost double the black population.