What is Individuality?

Individuality is when you don't care about the people around you and is focusing about yourself. Individuality is good because you stand out and you are being yourself, you should be okay with who you are and you shouldn't be embarrassed of who you are. Stargirl doesn't care what others think of her and you shouldn't too. You don't need to be afraid of who you are even if others don't like it because if they don't they are properly just jealous.
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Why Individuality is important

Individuality is important because it is who you truly are not who others want you to be. Others might want you to be like them because it makes them feel special but you can be special in your own way by being yourself. Individuality is important because if there is no individuality then we are just another boring school. We want DC to stand out not be a boring school in the background we want to be individual. Here is a list of why individuality is important.

-You contribute many of your great ideas to the whole world.

-You aren't scared of what others are scared of.

-You can be an inspiration to others that want to be individual.

-You live life with more happiness because you don't care what others think.

-You inspire others to be more personal.

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Why DC Students need to be Individual

DC students need to be individual because it makes the whole school happier and more energetic. DC need to be more personal with themselves and get to know who they really are. Some students in DC are individual and you can see them walking around school sometimes. I think that if DC becomes more individual then the other schools around DC will want to be more personal too.