People Who Have Persevered.

By : Richard Rivera


Perseverance in my opinion is when people set a goal and keep fighting to reach it

Here is the story of Mawi Asgedom and Derek Redmond

Mawi asgedom is a a guy who has been through a lot in his life he is originally from Ethiopia and he was a refugee but soon moved to america for a better life he and his family where confused at first but later on as the years go by mawi continued to fight and persevered when Mawi and his family fist moved to america they where being really careful to not go to the house of imprisonment as his dad always called prison. Even though Mawi and his brother get in trouble once in a while and they faced the consequence but still remained noble to his family and over the years Mawi became a graduate at Harvard University and so he became successful at things he didn't even know how to do at first.

Here is another story about a guy named Derek Redmond he was an Olympic runner/athlete Derek Redmond is 50 years old now but he has a emotional Olympic story because in a 400 meter race Derek Redmond's hamstring snapped and the effect that it had on him he was determined to finish the race so he started running again but he couldn't finish on his own so his father jumped out of the stands and helped his son finish the race co even though he could halved stopped but he continued to not to yield and continued the race so really the cause for him to continue was he tore his hamstring but the effect on him caused him to continued.