Landmarks in Africa

Come and see some of the most beautiful places in Africa.

The Red Sea

The Red Sea is located between Sudan and Saudi Arabia. It is called the "Red Sea" because when the Greek discovered it it was red due to a certain bacteria that resides in the sea. The water is unnaturally hot and in the summer time it has an average of 85°F. The Egyptians called it the "Red Sea" because of both the bacteria and the fact that it was next to what they call the "Red land" or the Sahara.

Ethiopian Highlands

The Ethiopian Highlands are located in the north eastern region of Africa. It is surrounded by lowlands and is thought to have come from a dormant volcano. The Nile runs through it and has many valleys carving through the land.
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Kilimanjaro is located in Tanzania. IT is an extinct volcano, it has tow peaks. Peak Kibo at 19,340 ft and peak Mawenzi at 17,564 ft. On the lower slopes people grow coffee.
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Great Rift Valley

At 1,300 ft below sea level the Great rift valley runs from Asia to Mozambique in Africa. Although erosion leveled out most of the terrain, the valley itself is rimmed with steep rocky cliffs.
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