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Private Peaceful!

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We are reading Private Peaceful!

We have met Tommo, Charlie and Molly. Tommo feels a terrible guilt that he can't share with anyone; not even Molly. School is horrible and Mr Munnings is scary. At least Tommo, Molly and Charlie can stick together!

Meanwhile, Mum has had to go work at the Colonel's house, leaving Grandma Wolf to look after the children! Charlie has been poaching to ensure that there is food on the table and it seems that good news is around the corner!

Oh No! Molly is poorly and the boys get caught poaching! The Colonel and Grandma Wolf make them clean out the kennels as a punishment after Tommo's mum goes to see the Colonel to stop them giving the boys a 'hiding'.

By Christmas Eve, all is better as Molly has recovered from Scarlet Fever and the boys' punishment is over!


Mr Carr Year 8 Homework – 18-09-15

DUE MONDAY 21-09-15

I would like you to write your own narrative, using FIRST PERSON. Imagine you are 7 years old and living in 1903. Your big brother or sister is taking you to school. Make sure that you write about:

  • How you feel as you go to school

  • Your fears about the teachers

  • Your feelings about your brother or sister

Year 8 Homework – 30th September 2015

Due – 5th October 2015


Full stops are used to indicate the end of a sentence.
A common mistake is to omit a full stop and use a comma instead. What should be
two sentences are pushed together as one. We call this error the comma splice.

For example:
My father came down to make his breakfast, he is usually in a hurry in the morning.
My father came down to make his breakfast. He is usually in a hurry in the morning.

Now rewrite each one as two separate sentences.

  1. I sometimes go for long walks on summer evenings, it is
    peaceful and I can exercise the family pet dog.
  2. We have a dog, a cat, a gerbil, a hamster and a budgie,
    they all get on very well together.
  3. The hamster tends to keep us awake at night, her exercise
    wheel squeaks as she moves.
  4. My sister’s budgie can say a few words, most of them are
    cheeky and impolite.
  5. Our cat is getting old and is an extremely fussy eater, she
    refuses to eat tinned cat food.
  6. One day one of the gerbils escaped from its cage, we
    eventually found it under my brother’s bed.
  7. Our house is more like a zoo than a family home, at
    Christmas all the pets get presents.

Complete the following sentences underneath the ‘my comments’ section in your book:
I use a full stop when…

I feel more confident about using full stops because…

To make sure that I use full stops correctly in future, I will…

Year 8 Homework – 9th October 2015

Due – MONDAY 12th October


A sentence begins with a capital letter. Most sentences end with
a full stop.

Example: We are not allowed to chew gum in school. This is a
sensible rule.

Write out the following passage. Think about where each
sentence starts and finishes. Put in the capital letters and full

jane sat down to do her homework the phone rang she jumped up
rushed down the stairs and picked up the receiver it was a friend
wanting some advice about how to do the assignment their english
teacher had handed out the piece was due in the next day jane
chatted for a while then she returned to her room to finish her

Write out the following sentences, putting in capital letters and
full stops.

1. kings academy pupils helped to raise money for refugees by
completing an assault course in victoria park
2. some people have argued that princes street in edinburgh should
be fully pedestrianised
3. when we went to the festival theatre last saturday we saw an
american dance company
4. when he was younger he was a member of the dundee branch of
the frank sinatra fan club
5. mrs doubtfire is a successful film based on the book by british
writer anne fine
6. in 1994 nelson mandela was elected as the president of south