The Buzz

Ms. Larrabee's 1st Grade Class

The Buzz This Week (1/4 - 1/8)

Social/ Emotional: As we get back into the swing of things after a long break, our social/ emotional lessons will consist of reviewing and re-practicing our classroom and school-wide expectations.

Writing: We'll begin a new unit this week as we start to learn how to write informational pieces. We're pairing our studies in reading with writing, as we will be reading and writing non-fiction pieces.

Reading: This week will continue to learn about different features in non-fiction texts.

Word Work: Our studies in vocabulary will be with the long vowel sounds "o" and "i" in words like joke and lime. The new sight words we'll be practicing include: get, jump, little, girl, ball.

Social Studies: We'll continue with our studies in Geography this week. The kids will continue to learn about their place on the map, cardinal directions and how to make a map.

Math: The beginning of the week will consist of reviewing our shapes and fractions of shapes. We'll finish off the week by starting a new unit of measurement and place value strategies. This unit will also include two-digit addition as we'll add various measurements together.

"Buzz Worthy" Things to Look Out For...

  • Keysor is no longer sending home paper copies of our lunch menu. You can find an electronic copy online at: Please let me know if you would like an emailed PDF version of the menu as well.
  • Author Kate Klise is visiting Keysor on January 28th. Book order forms are due Friday, January 8th.
  • Be looking for a brief letter and sign up sheet for parent-teacher conferences this week. These letters are due Monday, January 11th.
  • Grade cards and parent-teacher conference schedules will be sent home Wednesday, January 12th.
  • Friday, January 8th is First Fridays for the month of January. I hope to see you there!
  • Monday, January 11th is Keysor Night at Billy G's restaurant.


Monday: PE

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: Wellness

Thursday: Library

Friday: Art

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