By: Marina Milovanovic


Botulism is a bacteria found in foods that could be caused by the soil.


Botulism is found in the following: honey, garlic and/or herbs infused in oil, baked potatoes, fish, and seafood.


To prevent this food-borne illness, you should refrigerate foods properly, can home-canned items correctly, and refrigerate infused oils.

Other Fun Stuff!!!

Botulism could cause pain in abdomen, weak eye muscles, dilated pupils, and drooping of the upper eyelid.

The bacteria is toxic.

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The Picture

The picture shown above is the bacteria of botulism under a microscope.
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The Picture

The picture above represents how botulism can be found in the soil. Basically, if the bacteria is in the soil, then it can be in the food grown in or around that soil.

The Breakout!

According to KDLG, a botulism breakout occurred in Bristol Bay communities. This was said to be by seal oil, oil that comes from an actual seal. 25 were infected including one child. Some are in hospitals, others are being monitored, and several are still trying to be contacted by doctors.