2015-2016 Professional Development

Victoria Barbour

Professional Growth

This year brought some changes on the professional growth platform. This year, I decided to attend many sessions, learn, and grow, as opposed to planning and delivering PD sessions. I was able to learn a lot from colleagues on several sessions and was asked to provide some exemplars, which ended up teaching me just as much, if not more than simply attending sessions alone.

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Special Needs - August

I always look forward to attending the special needs sessions. The sessions provide me with more ideas, quick tips, and helpful strategies that are not only useful for students with special needs. It was insightful to see tips shared by the SPED team from colleagues. I have adopted using a spreadsheet as shared by a colleague.

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Grading - January

I was excited to attend this session hosted by Mallory Kirkland and Kelly Gardner for this two-part series on grading! Best tips and methods regarding grading that they have stumbled upon was shared. Some of the important things shared involved policy, zeros, feedback, and "smartcuts" to help you work faster!

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Homepages - February

Joyce Bearden and Kelly Gardner presented a two-night series regarding homepages. They shared how to create welcoming, but informative homepages for students. They highlighted several places to display information and how to use space most effectively. The observation rubric and some clever ways to meet those standards were highlighted as well.

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Communication - February

This session was very informative. A lot of great tools were shared to help with best practices for communication. Etiquette and relationship were addressed. The session encouraged me to be more observant and proactive with communicating with students and stakeholders.
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Discussions - March

This 2-day series was a great reminder of the importance of engaging students in discussions. A lot of strategies to engage and encourage student participation was shared. This session was helpful and I did get a number of strategies that I will implement in my courses to engage students and gauge their learning of the concepts.