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The Giver

The Giver Government

The government is an oligarchy form of government where the elders have complete control over the society. People do not have any power, the elders control everything from the people not being to see color and to not have any memories.

This government tries to create a perfect society by making all decisions for the people that live here.

Can this type of government last and will it succeed?

Longevity of government

· strengths –

o fewer people involved in making decisions

· weakness –

o few people in charge

o too much power between a few people

In The Giver this type of government did not succeed. When Jonas started to get memories he began to rebel against the government. He tried to get other so to join in this rebellion. People started to not trust the government.

The Giver Branches of Government

There are three branches in the giver government: executive, legislative, and judicial.

Executive Branch:

  • leader is the Chief Elder - he has all the power
  • Chief is chosen every 10 years
  • Chief is in charge of the Committee of Elder

Legislative Branch:

  • Committee of Elders
  • they are chosen
  • their role is to watch the adults and children at all times and they decide what to give them for assignments (jobs) and who they are going to marry and assign children to them
  • receive guidance from "the giver" if they have questions about things that are new or unfamiliar they seek

Judicial Branch:

  • Department of Justice
  • You are given three chances once you commit a third offense you are “released” – given a shot in the head and you die