Monday Memo

December 8, 2014

Info For the Week

Monday 12/8: Mass
Tuesday 12/9: Theresa out at a conference | PLC Meetings - discuss Christmas party schedules, Iowa results
Wednesday 12/10: Gym Classes (1st grade will be with K at 10:05AM. Everything else remains the same.) | Workout Wednesday! Wear your school-appropriate sweats (and yes, yoga pants!) to school today!
Thursday 12/11: No Mass Learn 2 Earn 1:30PM | Jocelyn in the office | 2nd and 3rd grade confessions at 10AM | 4th Grade confessions at 10:30AM | Santa Shoppe
Friday 12/12: Kristen in the office | 5-8 confessions 9:30AM | Santa Shoppe

John - your class will go to Santa Shoppe at 9:30AM on Friday. You didn't sign up, that's all that's left :)

New Visitor/Staff Sign-In Process

In keeping with our updated security and school safety mission, we have implemented a new staff and visitor sign-in process on a trial basis. Upon arrival to school (or after 7:45 if you arrive before we do!) please come in to the office and quickly check yourself in. If you leave on your prep, let myself or Jocelyn know to check you out and then check back in when you re-enter. This will help us in the event of an emergency, evacuation or drill so we know who is in the building. It will literally take you about 10 seconds each time.

Parents are also being asked to do this. They will enter who they are here to see and it will send you an email that someone is here to VisitU (name of the app - cute, right?!?!) I can also have it send you a text message. If you would like that option, send me a quick email or text with the cell number you would like and we will get that set up for you.

This will be a very efficient and helpful system if we can get it set up. At some point in the near future, it will also work as an early-release check-out and late check-in for students.

Please check in upon arrival in the morning, or before classes begin at 8:20AM.

Thank you as always for your willingness to deal with my nerdiness :)


Amy's last day at St. Mary was today. She has decided to return to her old position in home health care. If you had her name for Secret Santa, I will get her gifts to her :) I have the gifts for the person whom she picked. We will miss her and her awesome personality terribly!

Mike will be taking over in the kitchen, at least temporarily. We'll keep you updated as things progress - it's all new to us, too :)
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