Arabic 1 Newsletter Monday

Lesson 4 Starts Today (9/28-& Progress Report)

CLICK HERE Lesson 4: Ayn, Ghayn, Faa, Qaaf الدرس الرابع

CLICK HERE to hear our class Avatar introducing lesson 4.

In this lesson, students will learn :

  • How to voice out and write four letters of the Arabic alphabet : ع = Ayn - غ = Ghayn - ف = Faa – ق = Qaaf
  • How to identify the different shapes of these 4 letters in their different positions in a word.
  • The use of 3 characters ة / ـة= Taa Marbouta, ى= Alif Maqsoura, آ= Alif-Madda التاء المربوطة - الألف المقصورة - ألف المدّة
  • How to count in Arabic from 11 to 20.
  • Learn the value of respecting the elderly in the Arabic culture.

What assignments are due by Sunday, March 1st?

Assignment 4.1 ( Respecting the Elderly- Discussion Board) – Due day 2 of this week
Assignment 4.2 (Coaching Session) – Ongoing assignment through the week
Assignment 4.3 (Speaking & Reading) –Due day 3 of this week
Assignment 4.4 (Lesson 4 Writing) –Due day 4 of this week
End of Lesson 4 Number Quiz – Due at the end of this week
End of Lesson 4 Grammar & Vocab Quiz – Due at the end of this week
Contact your Teacher via text, BB IM or phone call.
CLICK HERE: To play memory game with Arabic alphabet

Click: START to begin playing. HAVE FUN!!

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Past due assignments!!!

I am still missing few assignments from this list from students who joined the class lately. Please submit your assignments and quizzes ASAP.

Lesson 3

  • Assignment 3.1 (Arab Scientists- Discussion Board)
  • Assignment 3.2 (Coaching Session)
  • Assignment 3.3 (Lesson 3 Comprehension)
  • Assignment 3.4 (Lesson 3 Writing)
  • Assignment 3.5 (End of Lesson 3 Quizzes (Writing & Speaking)

Lesson 2

  • Assignment 2.1 (Greeting Custom- Discussion Board)
  • Assignment 2.2 (Coaching Session)
  • Assignment 2.3 (Lesson 2 Comprehension)
  • Assignment 2.4 (Listening & Dictation)
  • End of Lesson 2 Quizzes (Writing & Speaking)
Lesson 1
  • Culture Corner Fun Facts Quiz
  • Assignment 1.1 (Lesson 1 Writing assignment)
  • Assignment 1.2 (Coaching Session)
  • Assignment 1.3 (Listening & Speaking)
  • End of Lesson 1 Quiz
Due date calendar

**You should print out a copy of this document and use as a check-off list to ensure that you complete everything, thoroughly, and on time. This is only a schedule of the assignments that you are to complete.

Language Coaching Sessions: Please make sure you attend coaching sessions at your designated time, day, and coach. It's a big part (20%) of your grade, and very important to attend! If you have an emergency and can't attend the session, please email your coach right away to let her/him know.
*If you miss a coaching session, make sure you make it up ASAP!
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Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.