Digital Expectations

Web Presence Considerations and

Reaching your audience

Now that you have selected your web presence of choice (such as Blackboard, SchoolLoop, Google Sites, Edmodo, Blogger, etc.), you can begin to focus on making this space easier for students and parents to find critical information. Over the course of the semester, we will focus on small enhancements that will make a big impact.

This first month, we will focus on Clear Expectations as we start the digital transformation pilot. Take a look at your website and make sure all of the necessary components listed in the link above are present.

"In an effective classroom students should...

not only know what they are doing, they should know why and how." Harry Wong

Digital Expectations Examples

Choosing the Media

You choose how to share your expectations with students and parents. Some things to consider:

  • Create your Digital Expectations or Syllabus using a digital container such as Tackk, Smore, Google Form, or possibly a MentorMob playlist.
  • Add multi-media (images with your webcam, voice using Vocaroo, video or screencasting by recording and uploading to YouTube) to personalize your message.
  • Consider making this document re-useable by not 'date stamping' (referring to specific dates/times) in your multimedia projects.
  • Determine how will you share this information, ie: PowerTeacher, email distribution list, website, Twitter.

Category: Digital Expectations

As you prepare for your first blog post, consider what you expect from students in this new digital world and how you will help them better understand their new tools for learning. Share with others how you intend to discuss and manage these expectations in your classroom. Be sure to include a link to your Digital Expectations and include the proper category on the blog for ease in locating these amazing examples!

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