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The Titanic by Bob Temple

The book is about.The people that were on the titanic and how they got to experience its historic first trip.There were many classes of people taking the trip, there were first class who were the wealthy people.There were immigrants who had to travel in third class. There were also people whose job it was to serve passengers those were the crew members. The Titanic sailed its maiden voyage April 15, 1912. The ship was 882 feet. There were 1,316 passengers and 890 crew members. The boat struck and iceberg and began to sink. There was not enough lifeboats. Most people died from exposure to the cold water when they were throw overboard . Another ship came to the rescue of the 705 survivors.

My opinion is that this book is very good. Most of the people lived. My scale threw one to ten would be nine.

Aleigha Henkel

Titanic By Mary Pope Osborne and Will Osborne

The Titanic is about a group of people sailing from England to America.On the journey they come across a few obstacles.This will changes everyone's life on the ship.What will happen next?To find out what happens read the book Titanic. On a scale from 1-10 I would give it a 10.If you like books about adventure,drama, and history this is a book for you.

Ava Gant

The Woods Runner By Gary Paulsen

The book Woods Runner is about a thirteen year old boy named Samual, and when he was in the woods the British came and burned their cabin, But when they did that they took his parents. Then Samual took of on an adventure to find his parents. First on his adventure he finds a group of people called the Indians. Samual did not know they were nice at first so he shot one. So when he did they hit him with a Tomahawk ( a Tomahawk is a type of sharp edged ax of some sort. And they carry him along and help him. They even fed him. But where he got hit was in the forehead they had to sew it all up. After that he takes off. Later on his adventure he finds a barn. The people in the barn let Samual have some food. But as soon as he left The British came! They burnt their cabin and shot the parents! But before they shot them the daughter ran into the woods. The British tried to shoot her but thankfully missed. The daughters name was Annie and she was about nine years old. And Samual teams up with her and gets food for them and feeds the two of them. Last when Annie and Samual came up to a barn...... "I see you two. Put your hands up I have a gun." But when the man saw Samuals gun, he said "I was just kidding around. Please don't shoot me I really don't have a gun." Then Samual came up with Annie behind him and walked up where the man was standing. That is when the British came down the road. The old man said get in the trunk of my wagon now! And he hid them. Then the three set off to find his parents.

By Mallory Chicone

Magic Tree House Dogs In The Dead Of Night

Jack and Annie find a magical tree house in the woods.In the tree house they find a scroll from Teddy and Katheen,who give them missions all the time.When they arrive at the next mission,Jack and Annie fall out of the tree house and land in the snow.Strangers show up and help them out of the snow.But they need to find the tree house to get back home.

On a scale from 1-10 I would rate it at a 10.If you like magic,adventure,and mystery Then you should read the magic tree house series.

By Mikey Hatcher

Stranded by Jeff Probst

In the book Stranded, a blended family of six went on vacation to Hawaii. The parents were there for their Honey moon, and the four kids were sent on a boat trip with their uncle. The kids did it for bonding time together. Then they ran into a really big thunder storm. Now the four kids that went on a trip are now stuck on an island, and now they have to work together to find a way to get off the island, and also find what island they're on. They also faced challenges like finding food, and surviving.

My opinion is it was a great book. I rate this book an 8 because it was nerve-racking at points. It was also action packed with scary and funny parts. I recommend this book to people who like tence novels.

Ryan Cybulski

I Survived Sinking of the Titanic, 1912 Author Lauren Tarshis

What is the book about...

George is a sometimes bad boy and his Aunt Daisy got a trip on a ship and asked is George and his younger Phobie if they wanted to go. George’s dad said he would let them go If George would behave, George said he would behave so they went…

When they got on the Titanic everything went well, but then in the middle of there nice trip they lost Phobie and then the ship hit an iceberg. So they had to find Phobie and find a spot to keep safe. The boat was underwater and people were clung to rails, a few slipped and were overboard. Could they find a spot to keep safe?

My opinion:

If you have been in an experience like this then this a good book for you.

Ali McCall

The Whipping Boy Sid Fleischman

Prince Horace,also known in the kingdom as a prince Brat,had a Whipping boy named Jemmy. When Prince Brat is bad Jemmy is punished in his place because spanking was illegal to an heir to the throne,Later the two boys decide to run away. When they were in the woods they were kidnapped by two guys named Cuttwater and Hold-your-Nose-Billy . They hold the boys hostage until they could get money and jewels from the king. When the two boys were able to get away from the bad guys They get lost in the woods.The boys later were able to find there way back to the city with the Help of Captain Nips and Petunia, the dancing bear in the end the boys became good friends and the prince No longer acted selfish like a brat.

My opinion of this book is

I did not really like this book because the language in this book it made it hard to understand. This book took place a long time ago during the middle ages. I did not think was interesting I would rate this book a 3 out of 10.

Jessica Jurick

Stranded 2 Trial by Fire by Jeff Probst

Four kids named Jane, Buzz, Carter, and Vanessa.They are stranded on an island . With no food or cleanwater plus they have no shelter.One point in the book Jane and Buzz went to find water but they got tired and the camera that was giving them light died . So Jane and Buzz decided that they should hurry up . They stumbled upon a big puddle full of rat, bat, and wild boar poop . Buzz says “We can drink that if we boil it . They did just that . Later in the book Carter sees the Lucky Star there boat . So Jane, Buzz, Carter, and Vanessa take turns swimming to get supplies like canned goods and the most important thing the last flare.

What is your opinion of the book ?

I enjoyed this book because it kept me guessing what was going to happen next . I would definitely read number 3 : Stranded 3 Survivors .

Dominic Pandolfi

Trouble River by,Betsy Byars

Trouble River is about a boy and his grandmother back when people were afraid of Indians. The boys parents went to Hunter City so that they could have there baby. When the boy Dewey went out with Charlie his dog an Indian came. Dewey and Charlie scared away the Indian. But that night Dewey and his grandmother went out to Trouble River. They took the that boat Dewey had made. As they were going they battled many thing in Trouble River. They headed out to Hunter City. Did they make it to Hunter City. Did Dewey see his baby sister/brother. If you want to ind out read Trouble River.

On a scale from 1-10 I give this book a 7. I didn’t really like the book. I thought it was a little boring. But at parts in Trouble River it was exciting what they took on. the book was okay. But I still suggest reading it. You just need to get threw a few chapters.

Bridget Kristo

The Half a Moon Paul Fleischman and Kathy Jacobi

What is the book about?

The Half a Moon is about a boy who goes outside with his

brother and starts to play with wood swords.He goes in the

Storybook land,plays more with his brother.And then he

walks toward a piece of sculpture to look at.Then he turns

around,and his brother was gone.He started to look every-

where but doesn’t find him.Ten years later he is a teenager

and his friends come over to help him find his brother.Does

he find his brother?What happens to his friends?And he

only has till the full moon. Do they make it till full moon?

READ to find out.

My opinion is that it was a good book.And I would rate it a 8.

Giana Dispenza

Swindle by:Gordon Korman

The book is about when Griffin Bing plans a spooky sleepover in a haunted house, and so in the middle of the night thunder woke griffin up so he walks around the house, and hidden in view he finds something more valuable than gold a rare Babe Ruth card.Later on, a mean collecter named S.wendlle Palomino (aka swindle) tricks him out of the card.So now Griffin has to put a team of friends together and one or two enemies in order to get the Babe Ruth card back. They have to go through a mean guard and a high tech security system,and some other surprises along the way that Griffin and his team have to face.

My opinion of the book is that it makes you want to find out what happens next ,but they need to explain more about the setting and what`s going on,but it was a pretty good book.

Kara Hoffman

Dog Tags Prisoners of War C, Alexander London

Miguel has chosen to be in the war and becomes a medic. He starts to regret it later on and he ends up fighting the Germans. The Germans overtake the battle ground. Miguel is the last man standing .Miguel finds a dog serving the other side and befriends the dog. Miguel sets off with the dog’s help to find his friends and free them from the enemy. The next thing he finds out is that he and his German dog are prisoners of war. How will they escape?

My opinon of this book is that it is a good survival book. and i would rate this book on a scale of 1-10 it would be a 7.

Eli DiMaria

I survived the sinking of the titanic

I survived is a book By Laurentarship. The book is about a boy named. George and his

sister phoebe and ant daisy who were traveling on the titanic George is a troublemaker and is

worrying to much phoebe is the smartest one ant daisy likes traveling. The boat is in trouble please read this book to see what happens.

I like this book i would give it a 10 a person who likes likes going place is will like this book.

Reese Rath

Hey Kid Want to Buy a Bridge Author: Jon Scieszka

Hey Kid, Want to Buy a Bridge is an Adventure/Survival book about a kid named Joe and his two friends, Sam and Fred. They use a magical book to time warp. The magical book can take them to anywhere in any time. In this story Joe and his friends end up back in time in the year 1877, in Brooklyn New York. In order to get home, they must find this magical book that they never seem to be able to keep a hold of when they time warp . If they can`t find the book, not only will they not make it home, but the future could be ruined to!

On a scale to 1-10, i would have to say a 7. The book was confussing in the beginning. Although, it got more interesting when i read more. Maybe I had read the whole series before reading that book, I would have understood it more.

Synthea Bennett

They had to go into the forest because one of got lost in the of forest so they went in looking for the one that got lost.And there were big sider and they got scared because some of them are not named but he said i'm going to name some of them.They have a little mouse pet and they lost it with who is in the forest.

It wasn't a good book 1 thru 10 i would put it on a 5 because they didn't have enave dialog. I liked the carcade how they explained what they do.

Luca Cerjan

Cowpokes and Desperadoes Gary Paulsen

Punk and Amos for Uncle Woody Calepper’s santa fe cattle ranch for a week.But when they overheard a couple of Cowpokes platting todo Uncle Woody in the two sleuths are back on the trail of seriou action!Who’s been making off with all the prize cattle?Can Dunk and Amos stop the rasters in time to save the ranch.

I like this book because...It’s adventure and i enjoy adventure books.It makes me want to keep reading somtimes you just read one chapter and it stop’s at a good part so that how this book is.

Heather Walker

Shipwreck Island by S.A. Bodeen

Shipwreck Island is about a girl named Sarah Robinson and her new family. Sarah’s Dad, John married a woman named Yvonna. Yvonna had two sons, Marco and Nacho. None of the kids wanted a new family and none of them got along. After the wedding Yvonna and John decided to bring the kids on their honeymoon. The family went on a boat voyage for a few days to a private island. Before they got they got to their island, there was a big storm and the boat got shipwrecked on a deserted island. They called the island Shipwreck island. the family had to learn how to get along and work together to survive.

My opinion on the book is I loved it and I would recommend it to others who like adventure stories. I would rate the book a 9 out of 10 because it is very detailed and an exciting book. This is the first book in a series so you can read more about Sarah and her family’s adventures.

By Maja Strauss


It about three boys on a trip and some time they come in a problem and they are Brandon and Troy, Scotty Daniel sometime they got in a problem and Daniel save them. Some time they save each other. and one time did not want to listen to Daniel and they are wrong and they almost can not get back home and Daniel know where to go and Daniel lead them and Daniel help them live and Daniel help find food like pine cone and went sleep then they try to get back home.


I think Scotty should be nice to Daniel because Daniel save him a lot of time so Scotty should thank him and Scotty is being mean to Daniel in the first and at last they all are friend and that my opinion.

By Jason Chen

Stranded 3 Jeff Probst

If you half to write a book report on Stranded 3 by Jeff Probst then finish reading this.So the 4 main characters are Buzz,Jane,Vanessa,and Carter.If you read Ryan's book blog on Stranded 1 then you will know what happened.So all I can tell you what happened in the 1 book without ruining it is that the crew is on a boat when it starts to poor.The stranded books takes place on a lost island with everything they need to survive… but will they survive? Read the stranded books to see if they survive.My opinion of the book was that it always kept me on my toes and something was always happening. I suggest this book to anyone who likes fast books.

Zoli Harsanyi

Author Cynthia Pefelicd title Wild life

Wild life is about a kid bye himself in the woods. He hunted for food to survive he found a dog and they hunted for food together.They made a tent out of leaves and sticks the both went back home to find out his family was in the army. Opinion i like the book because i like to hunt with my uncool.

Damian Barone

The puppy place By Ellen Miles.

Pugsley is a funny book written by Ellen Miles.I would consider this book an adventure novel.Pugsley is about a cute little dog named pugsley.Who is nick name is Mr.Pest.Pugsley goes to a doggy daycare where he meets a special girl named Lizzie.Unfortunately the doggy daycare has a three strikes and your out rule for naughty puppies.Pugsley got his nickname Mr.Pest for being the naughtiest puppy.Lizzie wants to help Pugsley change his behavior so he can continue to come to the daycare and one day attend the weekend camp.Can Pugsley be a good puppy?you need to read the book to find out.

What is your opinion of the book?

On a scale from 1-10 I would give this book an 8.If you like puppies and all their cuteness you should read this book.Pugsley is part of the puppy place series.Where every puppy finds a home.

Logan Beltzer