Friday Focus

February 14, 2014

Breaking News....purple argyle sweaters now FLYING off store shelves!

Happy Valentine's Day!! It's Jeans Day!

Man, it's GREAT outside right now! (2:30 pm on Thursday). I just drove back from Fr. Andrews' office with my van windows down! Hope it stays like this for awhile!

Technology Updates/Opportunities--I have room for two more teachers to attend NETA on April 24-25 in Omaha and for two teachers to attend the Google Summit in Lincoln July 17-18.

Click on the links below for more information about each. I need to know about the Google Summit today because registration opens today and will fill up fast! I can take NETA registrations through the end of the month, though I will tell you that hotels around the conference site are probably all full by now!

Principal Search Update

We have had 10 inquires for the position thus far and will continue accepting applications through the weekend.

We have assembled a committee of teachers and Rosemary Koch to help screen applicants and interview candidates. We also have a small committee of board members and Home and School Officers that will also interview candidates. Father Andrews, Jeff, and I will also interview them, so we should get a good read on these people from a variety of viewpoints.

The plan is to interview people between Feb. 27 and March 6, offer the job on March 7, have an accepted offer by March 10, and a signed contract returned to us by March 14.

Next Week

Tuesday, February 18 We are hosting a "Blue Ribbon Committee" lunch with some of the VIPs of our parish. Some may not have been in this building before, so you might see Leisa and I showing some of them around after lunch!

Wednesday February 19 Staff Meeting @ 3:30pm

Thursday, February 20 Wear your PeaceBuilder Shirts

Boxtops are due!

Friday, February 21 NO SCHOOL

Beautiful message from Pope Francis. And the artwork is incredible!
Why sinners go to Mass