13th May- 24th June

Join our project!

International Kindergarten is a project that aims to influence the way the children act and will act in the future by starting to educate them to be responsible citizens. The project also aims to help the children and the parents get used to cultural diversity and form a healthy image about the surrounding world. We want to shape our future society through tolerance, cooperation, diversity, and internationalism. The project will be held in Wrocław, Poland.

Internship description:

  • A constant number of children that participate in trainings – 15-20
  • Getting feedback from teachers and children
  • Making sure to make a follow-up after each session and connect sessions with each other
  • Keeping a presence sheet at the beginning of each session
  • Being involved in developing and implementation of the agenda
  • Delivering at least 1 session for each of these topics: tolerance, cooperation, cultural presentation
  • The trainee must gather information and prepare trainings,presentation and games related to environmental awareness,sustainability. He/she facilitates these sessions, and will guide the children

Other Requirements:

  • Bring: your knowledge on previous experience with children, and desire to make a positive change in future generations, your commitment, and creativity
  • Gather information on delivering classes to children
  • Gather information regarding the local education system
  • Gather information on each of the session to be proposed in the agenda


  • To use the opportunity to aid in the development of young children
  • To make two months of positive impact
  • To personally develop education/teaching skills
  • To interact with other trainees and volunteers in the project

Now something about Wroclaw!

Wroclaw - one of the most beautiful cities in Poland. Located in heart of Europe in South-West Poland, divided by 3 rivers connected through over 100 bridges. Main city of Lower Silesia. Over 650 000 people, 150 000 students, 15 universities and a lot more atractions.

..and many more waiting just for you! Come to Wroclaw- the meeting place :)