Gardens' Greetings

January 2020

Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you and your families! I hope you enjoyed the time off and were able to rest and enjoy family and friends! I was able to visit friends and family and of course spend some time with my little boys. It is always such a special time of year, both in school and at home.

Now that we are back in school, we will have just a few more weeks in the marking period. Report cards will be published to Power School in early Feb. You will be able to use your parent portal log-in to view your child’s grades for the second quarter of the year. The report card is a performance-oriented one that presents your child’s progress as measured against the specific learning objectives established for the grade level. Certainly if you need help understanding it, please reach out to your child's teacher or the school. If you have any difficulty accessing it, be sure to call the Main Office.

At this time of year, each year, I like to remind you that during these colder months it is important to dress your child for outside recess. Our intention is to go outside as much as possible. Days under 32 degrees (with wind chill) or inclement weather days will keep us inside during recess. But, all other days, the children need to play and we want to assure that they will be warm enough and have a coat/ jacket. If your child is missing some winter accessories, our lost and found is certainly growing. Labeling their clothing helps us to be able to return what is found. Feel free to stop in and check out the lost and found cabinet regularly. It is located right outside the gymnasium doors.

As always, our school is committed to having a variety of events for student and families to attend. Be sure to read the Friday Features from the PTO. They always do such a wonderful job outlining the events and opportunities in our building. At the end of the month, we will hold a Fitness Night for families. These nights are family nights and we welcome both students and parents. It is a perfect time to devote toward health and wellness!

Please read the Counselor's Corner and the Nurse's Notes for tips on staying healthy and active in the winter months.

No School on January 20th!

Students of the Month



Brooke Andusko

1st Grade

Austin Hanks, Alina Mukherii

2nd Grade

Isabel Bolanos, Aina Asimoglou, Amari Reyes

3rd Grade

Jack Winchock, Amelia Hanks, Christopher George

4th Grade

Leilani Badders, Alexandra Vicari


Sonja Huber


Vibha Ananthanarayanan, Joseph Delucia


Maddie Hughes


Brian O’Donnell

Congratulations Mr. Holland-Teacher of the Year and Mrs. Flora-Educational Service Professional

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Counselor's Corner by-Ms. Arora

With the new year upon us, resolutions are looming. This is a perfect time to set a limit for screen time. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends limiting screen time to an hour per day. To help achieve this, create a list of "cool" activities to do throughout the week. Great alternatives are outdoor time, board games, and creative projects. Another suggestion (that might help keep this resolution) is to keep a home charging area in a central location for phones and other devices. Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year!

Nurse's Notes

A visit to your child’s doctor can be stressful for both parent and child, no matter what the reason. Here are some helpful suggestions to make the appointment less tense and more valuable.

· Come prepared with notes. If it is a sick visit the notes should include symptoms (for example, temperature- taken with thermometer, vomiting, diarrhea, and cough). Include with the symptoms the duration and severity. If it is a well visit, the notes should include all your concerns about your child, including any behavioral and/or educational concerns. Your child’s doctor can guide you with respect to any issue- not just physical issues.

· Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If there is something you don’t understand, don’t leave until you do. Ask about treatment, medications (what they are and what they do), any tests such as laboratory tests, x-rays etc. (what are they, why are they being done, and what will they show). ASK QUESTIONS!

· Make sure you have the documentation you need before you leave. If your child has been injured or is sick, they will need notes for the school. These notes will cover absences and any exclusion from school activities. They need to include the date the child can return or when the child will be visiting the doctor for a follow up. If your child is having a physical, bring the necessary form from the school for the doctor to fill out, and ask for an updated immunization record if the child receives vaccines.

· You are your child’s most important advocate. You are the expert on your child. Provide your child’s doctor with as much information as possible during any visit to the office. The more information you provide, the better the doctor will be able to assess the child’s health.

I hope this information has been helpful. My goal is to educate and inform you. Remember, you are the expert on your child, so help your child’s doctor provide the best health care by providing information and asking questions.

Bradley Gardens Health Office- A NURSE IN THE KNOW