Marrs Falcon Flyer

December 6, 2021

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Principal's Greeting

Hello Falcon Families,

It is so hard to believe that this is the last newsletter of 2021! During the last 18 months our worlds have been turned upside down but, regardless of the difficulties that our school community has had to face, we have remained strong, steadfast and dedicated to both safety and student achievement. It has not been perfect but through the dedication, diligence and flexibility of our students, staff and families the Marrs community has persevered. I want to encourage our students to finish strong as the first semester wraps up and to set goals for the second semester. I know our students are willing to rise to all challenges and can overcome anything if they put their minds to it and I am excited to see what 2022 has in store for each child who attends our school. I am so proud to be a Marrs Falcon and to have the honor to work with, and for, each and every one of you.

As always, safety and security continue to be a top priority and I continue to be so impressed with how amazing our students are about following all the adjusted “rules and regulations” that have been put in place since the onset of the COVID 19 virus. Their commitment to helping us stay safe would not be possible without you, as parents, instilling in your children how important following these new expectations is for everyone’s safety.

As I have said many times please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, comments or concerns as we work together for your child’s success in both their academic and social growth. We have counselors, deans, a social worker and an administrative team that is here to support and serve you and your children.

We are committed to the following for every student:

*A welcoming, safe and supportive environment where each student is known and valued

*High academic growth for every student

*Social emotional learning and character building

Please remember that unless it is extremely cold, we will be going outside every day for about 10 minutes for some fresh air. Please remind your children to dress appropriately for the cooler temperatures.

This newsletter will highlight some of the important work that has been done during this semester and will provide insights into the exciting things we have planned for the second semester. Please take the time to review the information and reach out if you need any assistance or have any questions.

Have a safe and wonderful holiday!

~ Ms. Barone

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Upcoming Assessments

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Congratulations to the following High Flyer Winners!

Samuel Armas * Juan Lopez Raymundo * Makayla Chantry

Mary Ziegerer * Ms. Courtney * Alexander Perez Garcia

Juan Lopez Marcos * Fatima Pichardo Lara * Samir Guevara

Ms. Teachout * Camilo Silva Gomez * Yaletzi Moreno

Andrea Medrano * Elijah Guardiola * Mary Young

Angelina Puentes * Mia Villa * Melissa Salgado

Shirley Sanchez * Denise Forrest * Jesus Nolasco

Carlo Taylor * Candeleria Garcia Batista * Itzel Ortega

Fredy Juan Miguel * Alex Martinez

Brandon Diego * Wendy Garcia * Joey Vickery * Chloe Meier Bates

Unique Carter * Yoselin Mujica Arroyo

Angel Hernandez Lopez * Roger Rodriguez * Maria Hernandez * Rose Garcia

Anisleidy Marcial Carmona * Alondra Navarro * Cielo Crianzo

Ms. Smith * Zaid Sotelo * Mia McNeal * Anthony Ortiz * Oscar Molina Alfaro

Ms. Reynoso * Genesis Perez * Alexis Suria Pacas

Bryan Hernandez * Edward Garcia * Ms. Kuhn

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Fifth Grade

Language Arts

5th graders in Mrs. Thoene and Mr. Gomez’s classes have been learning about the Wild West and natural disasters.

The 5th grade Dual Language Arts classes are having a fantastic time working through our fiction unit. We've talked about fictional elements, parts of a narrative, and descriptive language. We've read Fantasmas, The Secret Garden, and Airborn. We will finish the quarter by reading a play called The Miracle of Spring as a class. Students will have choice about which characters they play.

Next semester, we're looking forward to learning about nonfiction and poetry!

5th Grade Math

We are working on division with whole numbers and decimals.

All 5th grade students should be working on Reflex for fact fluency at least 4 times a week.

All students should also be working on MAP Accelerator.


In Science, students have been exploring decomposition! They have learned what decomposers are and how they assist with dead objects and waste decomposition cycle. For our experiment, we put different fruit and vegetables in cups with air, water, and soil to see how decomposition would be affected. We observed the cups all month long and were surprised at how much mold our cups grew. Mold is a great decomposer, and each cup was unique! In December we will move on to seeing how decomposers are part of food webs!

Social Studies

Students are learning about the Routes to Exploration to the New World. We will focus on 8 explorers as examples to discuss the motives behind their expeditions. Ask your child which explorers they have learned about!

Sixth Grade

Students are finishing the “Fears and Phobias” unit in Language Arts class. They will be writing 5 paragraph informational essays on a phobia. 6th graders are also finishing their first novel of the year, Long Walk to Water, by Linda Sue Park.

Advanced Math 6 students finished their fractions unit and will spend the next three weeks learning about expressions. Students will focus on the order of operations and learn how to apply it to multi-step expressions.

Math 6 students also finished their fractions unit. These students will move onto learning about integers and graphing on the coordinate plane. This unit will end before winter break. There are many activities students will be doing to show their learning.

In Social Studies students are furthering their study on Ancient Greece geography. They are learning about their government and looking into the reign of Athens and Sparta.

Science class is focusing their study on the water cycle. Students will be investigating what causes a large-scale precipitation event to occur, and why large amounts of hail, rain, or snow fall. They will also be finding out where air masses of different temperatures come from and how they move across the United States, as well as how they affect Nebraska.

Looking forward to the conclusion of second quarter, each class will be completing summative assessments before the start of winter break. Please make sure your student is prepared and getting a good night’s sleep in order to do their best!

Seventh Grade

The ESL department put on a coat drive for newcomers on November 12. Many newcomers were able to take new coats, backpacks, hats and/or gloves. ESL teachers have been teaching about winter and what to expect this winter and the students were so excited when it lightly snowed on November 12. Ms. Cortney's ESL classes went outside to experience the snow, and there were six students that experienced snow for the very first time here at Marrs Magnet on November 12, 2021.

In 7th grade social studies, we are currently learning about poaching in Africa and spreading awareness to try to help protect wildlife and endangered animals.

Science 7 is finishing a chemical reaction unit. This has the students very busy with lab activities!

Math 7 classes are coming to the end of their unit on rational numbers. They have been working on fraction operations. All students could be completing assignments at home or working on Map Accelerator.

In Pre-Algebra students have been working on "Equations In 2 Variables." All students could be completing assignments at home and/or working on Khan Academy or Zearn.

ELA 7 is ending the year with novel units and learning about the elements of fiction and drama.

Photo is from Science 7 performing chemical reaction activity.

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News from the Band department

Congratulations to Erik Ascencio, alto saxophone, Oscar Zarazua, alto saxophone, Alondra Navarro-Henriquez, tenor saxophone, Jonathan Hernandez, trumpet, and Angel Hernandez, trombone, for representing Marrs at the District’s first ever All-City Jazz Band hosted by the University of Nebraska Omaha.

Select 8th grade students will perform in small ensembles at the Holland Center on Thursday, December 16th at 6:30pm. More information will be sent home to the selected students this month.

Select 8th grade students have volunteered to play a mini recital. The gym is reserved for December 14th at 6pm for the performance. Parents are encouraged to attend. Information will be provided to students who are performing.

Congratulations to Cameron Barona, French horn player, for being accepted into the Nebraska 8th Grade All-State Band. After a rigorous audition process Cameron was selected to be part of the ensemble in January. This is the highest honor a middle school band student can receive.

Reminder: All students who play a woodwind instrument are required to purchase their own reeds. Beginning students, please purchase 2 ½ reed strength. Students in 8th grade should purchase reed strength size 3. Method books are provided by the school. Reeds can be purchased through Dietze or Schmitt Music in Omaha.

Please email if you need more information on where to purchase or rent an instrument and reeds.

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Marrs Swimming

During the 8th Grade Girls City Finals the following swimmers placed.

1st Place - 200 freestyle

Ada Ornelas

(3rd Marrs Champion in a row)

3rd Place - 100 IM

Mary Ziegerer

5th Place - 50 Freestyle

Elizabeth Hernandez

1st Place- 100 freestyle

Ada Ornelas

(2nd Marrs Champion in a row)

2nd place in the 100 backstroke

Elizabeth Hernandez-

8th in the 100 Breaststroke

Mary Ziegerer-

1st Place - 200 Freestyle Relay

Samantha Wilhelm

Elizabeth Hernadez

Mary Ziergerer

Ada Ornelas

2nd Place overall finish in city finals.

7th and 8th Grade Boys Swimming starts 3rd Quarter . Stop by Mr. Fischer's classroom (253B) for information about a District Swim Clinic for any Middle School age students. Thanks!

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We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break. Here in the counseling department, we are participating in our college and career week Nov. 29-Dec.3. Students are doing various activities such as learning about college, military, careers, and trades. We have a college and career fair going on Wednesday during lunch where we are looking forward to students engaging and interacting with various colleges and local jobs. During the month of December we have various Holiday programs that offer a variety of things such as the Salvation army toy shop distribution and food vouchers at Toys for Tots at and other programs at or And last but not least families of 8th graders, please bring your student to the High School Showcase to discover the amazing learning opportunities our high schools offer! On the evening of December 7, all OPS high schools will be in the TAC Boardroom for a High School Showcase. Each high school will have a table that you can visit on your own time schedule between 6-7:30PM.



Hello Falcon Families,

We are excited to announce that the Scripps Spelling Bee will be offered again this year. The Omaha Sports Commission is the new sponsor. All Marrs students will have the opportunity to participate in the Spelling Bee as they will take the initial qualifying test in their Language Arts Classes. The top thirty students will then participate in the school wide bee to determine our school representative for the district competition to be held following Winter Break.

In other news 2 teams of Marrs students participated in the McMillan and Central Math competitions respectively. The students exercised their math skills and are eager to participate in more competitions as they become available. Our 7 FERMI teams have been hard at work this semester and have shown great problem-solving skills as well as teamwork.

Congratulations Mr. Ken Roby on your retirement from Marrs after 23 years of service!

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Music Appreciation Club 2021-22

What? Overall Goals:

· Exploring Music, Instruments, Culture

Explore Mariachi Music genre

· Teamwork

· Performance (Closing Performance)

· Initiate Marrs Spirit Band theme


Tuesday & Thursday or as needed

· 3:15 – 4:30p.m.




Students, volunteers, parents

Virtually: TEAMS or Zoom

· Contact: Mr. Hernandez, (531)299-2420 or text (402) 731-7410

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