~ Get YOUR Thrive On ~


January 2016 ~ I am excited to see where 2016 take us!!

I love what THRIVE has given me ~ ME!! My kids now have the mom they deserve and husband has his wife back!! Let's see what THRIVE can do for you!!
NO more aches, NO more discomforts, increased energy, mental clarity, and most of all it is 3 easy steps to start my day and that is it!

To all my FREE Customers:
I am offering a $25 Rebate via Paypal on every $150 purchased before January 20, 2016 (max. $50). As well as, give me 14 days of simply using the products as directed. IF you don't like your experience, I will BUY BACK any unused products (that are able to be resold). Otherwise, we can work on getting the rest of your THRIVE FREE!!

THANKs for working with me and YOU have a FREE account on file, message me if you need your username to place your order.

NOTE: IF you want to become a Promoter ~ let's talk strategy! As I can train you earn $1300 in just 14 days, iPad mini in 30 days AND a car bonus of $300 or $800!! I did it and you can too! I love that I run my business for FREE and you will too!
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I am excited for your journey with Le-Vel and your Thrive Experience!

Please contact me if you need anything! Blessings!!
~ Terri Jahna-Vargo