Phillipsburg Elementary School

September 16th, 2016


The Mission of U.S.D. #325 public schools is to provide positive school experiences and healthy school environments which prepare students for successful and productive adult lives. We believe this may best be accomplished by cooperation between our schools, students, parents, and the communities we serve.

Looking Ahead.....

Sept. 18th: Happy Birthday Gina P.!

Sept. 19th: IEP @ 3:30-Blew

Sept. 20th: Observation @ 8:10 & 9:45, IEP's @ 10:30, 2:30, 3:00, 3:30-Davis & Lalicker

Sept. 21st: Breakfast Buddies-Group B, 3rd-4th SIT Meeting @ 7:30, K-2 SIT Meeting @ 3:30, Mid-Term Down Slips Due in the Office

Sept. 22nd: Observation @ 9:15, IEP @ 3:30-Lalicker

Sept. 23rd:

Sept. 26th:

Sept. 27th: Happy Birthday Patrick!, IEP @ 3:30-Lalicker

Sept. 28th: Breakfast Buddies Group B, Panther of the Month Names Due to Sherri, Wedding Shower for Kylea/Baby Shower for Ashley in Library @ 3:30

Sept. 29th: Fire/Tornado Drill 3:00

Sept. 30th: K-2 Panther Time/Collaboration 8:15

Oct. 3rd: No School-Teacher In-service @ Logan

Oct. 4th: Happy Birthday Kara!

Oct. 5th:

Oct. 6th: Observation TBD

Oct. 7th: Business Buddy Projects Due!

PES Happenings This Week!