The Pedestrian

Issue No. 2

Welcome to Issue No. 2!

You made it! Well done! No, seriously, I can barely stand my own humor. For our first real issue, we will discuss the topics of:

  • Captain America: Civil War release
  • The Punisher's standalone Netflix series
  • Limerick Day! (I don't know why either)

I warned you about bulleted lists, didn't I?

Captain America: Civil War

E.P.L.'s Review

TheFallVeil's Review

Punisher's Standalone Netflix Series!

It's been confirmed that the Punisher will be getting his own Netflix series after his appearence in Season 2 of Daredevil (which was awesome!!) caused a surge of popularity. This will be the sixth Marvel series on Netflix, joining Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Defenders. We don't know much else about the show, but we'll keep you updated if anything major comes up.

Emo Update

As someone who is well versed in the world of emo, I have dedicated this section to bring you updates in the emoverse (one sentence in and I'm already creating new terms). Do not worry, I have all the necessary credentials to write this article (follows Panic! on tumblr and buys almost all clothes at Hot Topic). We'll begin with Andy Black's new album, "The Shadow Side". Pierce the Veil and Blink-182 have albums coming out in the coming weeks ("Misadventures" and "California", respectively), and if the new singles are any indication, both albums will be great. I'm still unsure about Blink-182, just because new vocalists in bands scare me, but Bored to Death leaves me cautiously optimistic. Green Day have leaked studio footage, but there's no timetable for new material. That's all for this week, next week I'll review "Misadventures" and talk about more promising May/June albums from Death Angel and Beartooth. I'll also try to make this more organized and in depth, but for the first week I just wanted to write some stuff.

Sportz Update


In order to compensate for the brain cells that were lost in reading our blog so far, we will now engage in a conversation of logic and science as we discuss life, the world, Emma Watson’s hair, and all of the other questions that have plagued mankind for centuries. Today we will be starting with “What three wishes, that do not involve more wishes, would you choose if given the opportunity?”


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