The California Gold Rush

By Skyler

how it started

James marshal discovered gold in Jason’s mill in 1848 the gold rush started, it ended in 1855.The supplies they used a mining pan, shovel, and a pickaxe. People mined for gold because for themselves, money, and jewelry.


The owners told them they had to pay $20 to mine and most people didn't have that and how would they get $20 and it took like a month to get $20 it took a long time for some people to get to California some of them died to go to California.

so many people

The people that came to mine were about 1,900 people and they were called the 49ers.During the gold rush lots of them are around mostly around Jason mill where gold was discovered and even some people looked for gold in gravel witch most people thought gold was in there and they were right they found gold a lot in gravel Before the gold rush there was non-native Americans living in California it changed when it started around 6,000 people came to look for gold and most of they used native Americans for slaves Got info at www.

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people had to have a gun or they might die


lots of people had bacon for food because most people had to have bacon
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