Lean Sales Class, Wayra Munich

attitude, skills & tools

What are you going to learn?

"The crisis does not eliminate the desire to buy. It changes it"
"Do you want to learn the keys to motivate the buyer?"

"Elimina el derroche de tiempo y dinero en tu proceso y optimiza tus ventas".

"Sólo si haces cosas distintas obtendrás resultados distintos".

After this Class, you will have learned:

(i) How to anticipate and know better your customers.

(ii) The keys to create your sales arguments.

(iii) Tools to help you visualize, design and / correct the selling process.

(iv) How can we sell in different sales models. Go to Market strategy (v) Design KPIs and measure your results.

(vi) Pass-through filters in the process of the sale.

(vii) Negotiation & close deal.

Companies using Lean Sales optimize their results between 20% and 70%.

What is Lean Sales?

Lean Sales is a simple methodology which incorporates intuitive tools to develop sales procedures. This Master Class is fully participatory and experiential with real practice to assimilate knowledge.

The Lean Model has as a principle, eliminate unnecessary waste in processes, failing as quickly as possible to learn and help to generate experiments that allow you to pivot the business model to a profitable and optimized one.

With this class, you will learn to build a system to understand your customers and prepare planification of a commercial prototype, using tools that help you to generate arguments and design experiments to validate the sales models, and close deals, etc. ... all, focused to have an agile view of the business process and aim to change it quickly while you learn about the execution and eliminate wrongs.

Why Lean Sales?

Do you know how to attract new customers? & Do you know to close the deal successfully?

Do you know how to convert sales into a value processes and eliminate splurge?
Do you know how to plan, improve and optimize your sales?
Are you tired of loosing opportunities with your customers and you do not know what to do?
Have you analyzed how much you expend to go out and sell your product/service?
Did you do something to change your "modus operandi"?

Lean Sales Class

Tuesday, July 2nd, 9:30am-2pm

Wayra Munich