Health Project

Sophie, Kearin, Courtney, and Nikki

Current Event #1: Fast Food

Pink Slime - What is REALLY in your Hamburger -

Current Event#2: Depression

Teen Depression & Suicide

Current Event #3: Vitamins

Why do I need Vitamin D?
TL Healthy Lifestyles


Excercises you can do at home any time. Think of doing these while a commercial comes on if you are watching tv.

1. Running up and down the stairs/bleachers

2. Jumping Jacks

3. Push ups


Breakfast: Breakfast Burrito


Spray vegetable cooking spray into a frying pan. Scramble the egg whites in the pan and cook to the desired degree of doneness. Place the cooked eggs on the tortillas. Sprinkle the cheese over the eggs. Place the beans over the cheese and eggs. Roll each tortilla into a wrap. Microwave for 30 seconds. Spoon salsa on top.

Lunch: Peanut Salad