PBSES Newsletter

September 25th, 2020

Happy Friday!

This newsletter will cover:

  • Mindfulness Coaching & Resources
  • SWIS
  • Second Step Family Resources
Coaching Video on Mindfulness

Take Time to Infuse Mindfulness

Research is beginning to show the incredible power that mindfulness can bring to children and adults. Mindfulness practices can help teachers and students manage their stress more effectively and focus their energy for learning. Mindfulness can improve cognitive performance, relieve stress, and build resiliency.

Ways to infuse mindfulness:

  • Teach deep breathing
  • Discuss mindfulness strategies that students use
  • Take time in Morning Meetings for mindfulness
  • Use mindfulness yourself as a model for your students
  • Use a Mrs. McD lesson to teach mindfulness

Please visit my website for more information on Mindfulness!


SWIS is our behavior data tracking system that we use to track major and minor behaviors externally exhibited in the classroom. Please see our definitions for major and minor behaviors below as well as a helpful video to get you started. I will be reaching out to teams to make sure everyone is up-to-date on SWIS.
SWIS Tutorial

SWIS Reminders

• Give three redirections before inputting a minor into SWIS.

• On the second Minor referral, contact parents.

• Review classroom and school expectations to avoid misunderstanding.

• Please put “No Admin Needed”, when sending a Major referral that you are handling.

• Please send your referral to “Send for Review” if you want Heather McD or Admin to review.

• Use “ ....and copy” to make the same referral for another student

Second Step Family Resources

Sending Second Step Home Links to families is a great way to extend SEL learning into the home environment and reinforce target concepts that are taught in class. Below is a snippet of Kindergarten Home Links found on the Second Step online portal. These activities could be used as asynchronous SEL learning opportunities as well to extend the lessons.

Please reach out to me if you need help accessing these materials on the Second Step website.
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Quote of the Week

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