Genetically Modified Organism

Do you know what your eating?

Grocery stores

Many of the foods that you eat contain GMO's. In the United States experts say 60%-70% of foods in grocery stores are GMO's. The modified foods that are the most common are the foods that contain high fructose corn syrup, field corn, cereal, snacks, soda, soybean, cottonseed, and canola oil. Also in many animal foods.

If you were the one running a GMO business would you label your products?

I would label my products because the people eating and consuming those products should know what they are eating. The European Union said " keep it out. We prefer organic, which is much healthier". There is more of a risk eating GMO products than there is for benefits to eating them. If I knew I was taking a risk eating certain foods then I wouldn't eat them.

The most commonly known companies are

Why aren't they labeled

What are the risks to consuming GMO's?

There are more risks than benefits when it comes to GMO's.

Risks Include

  1. Introducing allergens and toxins to food
  2. Accidental contamination between genetically modified and non genetically modified foods
  3. Antibiotic resistance
  4. Adversely changing the nutrient content of a crop
  5. Creation of "super weeds" and other environmental risks

If GMOs are labeled then what do you think will happen?

I think that people will stop purchasing those products because there is such a risk to consuming them. I would want to know what I am eating and if they are modified so they are better and more nutritious or if they are a bunch of mixed chemicals that are bad to eat.

If GMO products are labeled, would that positively or negatively effect the companies selling them?

I feel that the companies could do better or worse. They could do better because the products that are enhanced with proteins and nutritious things then people who work out and need certain things they will purchase more of those certain products. But they will do worse because the products that are junk food and not good people will not purchase them as much or not even purchase them at all.

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